Institut für Sportwissenschaft

Globalization, Digitalization and Viewing Behavior

This project contributes to the scarce literature assessing the effectiveness of marketing events by evaluating a strategy frequently followed by professional sport teams in order to expand in international markets, i.e. overseas pre-season tours. In a first study, we utilize a panel of representative survey data containing soccer-interested US respondents and implement a difference-in-difference (DID) design. In a second study, we replicate our analysis in the same setting using game-by-game Nielsen TV ratings of EPL games in the US. In order to control for the large number of variables in our models, we apply different regularization techniques.

Research Line: Sports Consumer Behavior

Funding / Support: Intramural Funding (Institute of Sports Science, University of Tübingen)

Principal Investigators: Georgios Nalbantis, Tim Pawlowski