Conferences, Workshops, Symposia 2022

First Joint Ph.D. Workshop in Cooperation with Nottingham and SOAS

Sharing the pursuit of training the next generation of Taiwan scholars in Europe, the Taiwan Studies Programme at the University of Nottingham, the Centre of Taiwan Studies at School of Oriental and African Studies, and the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan joined forces to hold a joint Ph.D. workshop in Taiwan Studies on Friday, December 10, 2021. 
During the three-hour online event, one Ph.D. from each institution presented their research project and discussed it with the other workshop participants. 
Huang Ching-Yu from SOAS marked the start with her project presentation on “Gender Mainstreaming in Taiwan’s Party Politics”. As Ms. Huang is already in a quite advanced stage of her Ph.D. project, she has recently returned from her field studies in Taiwan and reported about a very successful research process.

Ma Jinpeng, a fourth year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Nottingham next presented his doctoral research project on “The Triangular Relationship Between China, the US and Taiwan: Strategies of Intergovernmental Organisations – Since 1949.” The pandemic had unfortunately kept Mr. Ma from going to the field, so his presentation centred on the conceptual framework and its application to the case of the World Trade Organisation, as far as this could be researched via archival materials. 
Finally, the ERCCT’s Judy Lee, who is in the beginning stage of her research, presented her project plan, titled “Transnationalism, Identity, and Political Participation of Exiled Hong Kong Dissidents in Taiwan.” In her presentation, Judy presented the results of her explorations into the matter, e.g. making contact and chatting with Hong Kong exiles in Taipei, and shared her attempts at conceptualizing of her analysis, as well as her intended methodology. 

The workshop proved to be very fruitful in bringing much expertise to the discussion of each project both from a disciplinary perspective as well as knowledge and experience from the area of Taiwan Studies. In this way, the workshop helped the three presenters to respectively fine-tune or build their analytical and theoretical framework. And as the online format of the event also helped connect the younger scholarly generation across these three institutions, the cooperation will be continued in a series of SOAS-Nottingham-Tübingen Joint Workshops on Taiwan Studies in the future.

Conferences, Workshops, Symposia 2019

International Workshop on Taiwan under the First Tsai-Administration held Dec. 13-14

In cooperation with the University of Nottingham and with generous support from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Resarch Center on Contemporary Taiwan – A CCK Foundation Overseas Center (CCKF-ERCCT) at the University of Tübingen, Germany, from 13-14 December, 2019 hosted an international workshop on “Taiwan under the  first Tsai Ing-wen administration”. Internationally renowned Taiwan Studies scholars spoke on a variety of topics including the development of Taiwan’s political system, societal developments and conflicts as well as Taiwan’s foreign relations. The book to come out of this workshop will cover 15 topical chapters. The CCKF-ERCCT for its part hereby continues a tradition that started with our review of the Ma Ying-jeou administration. 

Conferences, Workshops, Symposia 2018


In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan – A CCK Foundation Overseas Center (CCKF-ERCCT) – hosted the Symposium on the Future of Taiwan Studies: the next steps to take on Friday and Saturday, June 22/23, 2018, at the Castle of Hohentübingen. 

Internationally renowned Taiwan Scholars from both the humanities and social sciences honoured the ERCCT with their participation. 

After some very thoughtful yet humorous welcoming remarks from Professor Bernd Engler, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tübingen, Professor Shieh Jyh-Wey, head of the Taipei Representative Office to the Federal Republic of Germany in Berlin, and Professor Su Yeong-chin, representative of the European Regional Committee of the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation, ERCCT Director, Prof. Gunter Schubert, offered a retrospective on the achievements of the center in its 10 years of promoting Taiwan Studies at the University of Tübingen. 

A most recent milestone for Taiwan studies in Tübingen was the establishment of the position of Assistant Professor of  Modern Taiwan Studies at the Department of Chinese Studies in April 2018. Dr. Tseng Yu-chin, who was appointed to this position and concurrently serves as ERCCT Co-Director, presented her vision of furthering Taiwan Studies in Tübingen and beyond at the symposium, her talk was entitled: “The Imaginations of Taiwan: How to Contest the Ambivalence of Taiwan Studies”. 

As South Korea has been very successful in promoting Korean Studies worldwide as well as at the University of Tübingen, there is certainly a lot that Taiwan could learn from South Korean Institutional Enhancement Programmes and Cooperation Experiences, a topic discussed by Prof. Dr. Lee You Jae from the Department of Korean Studies at Tübingen University. 

Following were a number of very inspiring position papers presented by our external guests: Professor Jonathan Sullivan from the University of Nottingham spoke on “Mainstreaming Taiwan Studies: Making the Case for a New Field”, Professor Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao from Academia Sinica reported on “Retrospect and Prospect for Taiwan Studies in Taiwan and in the World”, Professor Shelley Rigger from Davidson College reflected on “Liberating Taiwan from the Social Sciences”, and Professor Thomas B. Gold from the University of California, Berkeley, raised (and answered) the question “Is the Trump Disruption Providing an Opening for Taiwan Studies in the U.S.?” 

After a very merry conference dinner in a charming restaurant in the historical city center on Friday evening, the symposium continued on Saturday with the fifth position paper presented by Prof. Gunter Schubert, who shared his vision on “Strategizing the Recruitment of Taiwan Scholars at Western Universities. 

Finally, the symposium concluded with the discussion of a draft document for a “Manifesto on the Future of Taiwan Studies” to be presented at the 3rd World Congress of Taiwan Studies in the coming September.  

The ERCCT wishes to express its gratitude to the Munich branch office of the Taipei Representative Office to the Federal Republic of Germany, to the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, and to the Universitätsbund Tübingen e.V. for their generous support of this event. 

Conferences, Workshops, Symposia 2015


On December 12 and 13, the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan hosted an international workshop titled "Assessing the Presidency of Ma Ying-jeou", an event co-organised with the China Policy Institute at the University of Nottingham.

Over the two days, renowned scholars from Taiwan and Europe discussed the developments of the past eight years from a variety of angles. The papers and discussions covered the political, economic and social changes and challenges that marked the Ma era since the Presidential elections in 2008.

The paper presentations incited intensive debates. Central themes included Taiwan's relation to the People's Republic of China, transformations of Taiwan's political spectrum and civil society, and an outlook on the upcoming presidential and legislative elections in January 2016.

Conferences, Workshops, Symposia 2014


In celebration of the inauguration of the ERCCT as an CCK Foundation Overseas Center a Symposium was held on the Castle of Hohentübingen on Monday, July 14th, 2014. Participants were prominent Taiwan scholars from all over Europe, as well as from the US in addition to CCK President Prof. Yun-han Chu.

The event culminated in the ceremony during which the CCK Foundation, represented by its president Prof. Yun-han Chu, and the University of Tuebingen, represented by its president and vice-chancellor Prof. Bernd Engler, signed a new agreement by which they establish the ERCCT as a CCK Foundation Overseas Center at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.

Conferences, Workshops, Symposia 2012

China Impact Seminar Successfully Held at Hohentübingen Castle

Posted on Jun, 24 2012

From June 21 to 24th, the ERCCT has hosted a China Impact Seminar in Tübingen. Co-organized by the ERCCT and the Institute of Sociology of Academia Sinica, this workshop gathered a number of Taiwan's most outstanding social science scholars in addition to a couple of very renowned western Taiwan experts in order to assess the impact of a rising China on Taiwan's society, politics and security, especailly under the conditions of recently improved cross-strait relations. The central objective of this seminar was to explore a systematic approach to China Impact Studies as a new, very relevant sub-field in Taiwan Studies. 

Presenters and topics of presentations are:

Lin Jih-wen (Inst. of Political Science, Academia Sinica) - The PRC as a Player in Taiwan's Domestic Competition

Wu Chung-li (Inst. of Political Science, Academia Sinica) - Taming the Tongue: Politics and Judicial Verdicts in Defamation Litigation in Taiwan

Dafydd Fell (Dept. of Politics and International Studies, SOAS) - Marketing China/Mainland Policy: Cross-Strait Economic Integration through the Lens of Election Advertising

Shelley Rigger (Political Science Department, Davidson College) - The China Impact in Taiwan's Generational Politics

Gunter Schubert (ERCCT) The Taishang as a cross-strait linkage community: reflections on their political agency in China and Taiwan

Chen Chih-Jou (Inst. of Sociology, Academia Sinica) - The Social Bases of China-Related Policies in Taiwan: Class, Gender and Partisan Identity

Deng Jianbang (Graduate Institute of Future Studies, Tamkang University) - Immigration Policy in Taiwan Facing Challenges: Citizenship Arrangement for Families of Taiwanese Expatriates with Chinese Spouses

Fan Yun (Dept. of Sociology, NTU) - Is 'Taiwanese Consensus' possible? A Civil Society Perspective

Tseng Yen-fen (Dept. of Sociology, NTU) - Merry-Go-Round? Taiwanese Skilled Migration to China

Lin Ping (Dept. of Political Science, National Chung Cheng University) - Imagined Mobility and the Image of China: Taiwanese College Students in China

Wu Nai-teh (Inst. of Sociology, Academia Sinica) - Nationalism in Taiwan: Political Impacts and Theoretical Implications

Lin Thung-hong (Inst. of Sociology, Academia Sinica) - Cross-strait Trade and Class Cleavages in Taiwan

Lin Cheng-Yi (Inst. of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica) - The Rise of China and its Implications for U.S.-Taiwan Relations

Tung Han-pu (Grad. Inst. of East Asian Studies, NCCU) - Signaling Peace: A Theory of ECFA and Peace Dividend Beyond the Taiwan Strait

Jean-Pierre Cabestan (Dept. of Government and Int. Studies, HK Baptist University) - Cross-strait Integration and Taiwan's New Security Challenges