Prof. Chu Jou-Juo 朱柔若

Name: Prof. Chu Jou-Juo 朱柔若


Home Institiution: Department of Labor Relations, National Chung-cheng University, Taiwan
Duration of Stay: June 28 to July 27, 2019


Chu Jou-Juo is professor of Department of Labor Relations at National Chung-cheng University. She received a Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Oxford in 1992 and was invited to head the Department of Labor Relations at the National Chung-cheng University in 2004. Her main works on expatriate Taiwanese firms in mainland China include the following: “Finding the Devil in the Details: Internal and External Effects of Foxconn's Crisis Management in the Suicide Incidents (Sep. 2013)”, “The Foxconn Suicides and the Sweatshop Allegations: A Theoretical Approach of Collective Behavior (Jan. 2014)”, “Manufacturing Whose Consents? On Foxconn's Regime of Production From M. Burawoy's Framework (Oct. 2014)”, “”The CSR Performance of Taiwanese Enterprises in Mainland China: The Strike at the Dongguan Plant of Pao-chen Group (Mar. 2015)”, and “Identity Politics and Social Psychology Behind the Brain Drain of Taiwan’s High-Tech Talents to China (Oct. 2017).