Derek Ye Xiao-Di 葉曉迪


Derek Ye Xiao-Di  葉曉迪

Home Institiution:

Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University, ROC.

Duration of Stay:

2 – 29 July, 2017


Derek Ye Xiao-Di is a PhD student at the Department of Political Science in National Taiwan University. He received his Master degree (Distinction with Dean’s Honor) in Greater China Studies at The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR His main research interests are ranging from the International Relations Theory (IRT), the transition of China foreign policy to the Hong Kong and Taiwan Studies. His current proposed project is to explain the dynamic change of Taiwan geopolitical role in America’s Asia-Pacific strategy in Trump’s era.


  1. Publication in English:
  1. X. D. 2017. “Book Review: Taiwan’s China Dilemma.” China Review, xxx-xxx. (SSCI)
  • Ye, X. D. forthcoming, “Rethinking Beijing’s Policy towards Hong Kong and Taiwan: A Constructivist Analysis”, China: An International Journal, xxx-xxx. (SSCI)
  1. X. D. forthcoming, “China’s Selective Assertive Strategy: Two Cases of Maritime Disputes between China, Japan, and Vietnam.” International Politics, xxx-xxx. (SSCI)


Selected Publication in Mandarin:

  • 葉曉迪、楊佳龍,(2017),〈中國外交轉型的困境:體系-單元的雙層解析〉,《亞太安全與海洋研究》,第1期,53-69。(RCSSCI)
  • 葉曉迪,2017,〈認同漂移:台灣身份認同的歷史、制度與情感探析〉,《台海研究》,第1期,xx-xxx。(經匿名審查)
  • 葉曉迪、艾約銘、張登及,2017,〈崛起大國與核心利益論述之轉變:一個權力結構轉變的視角〉,《中國大陸研究》,xxx-xxx。TSSCI)
  • 葉曉迪,2017,〈美國「棄臺論」與台灣地緣戰略角色再思考:一個體系理論的詮釋〉,《國際關係研究》,xxx-xxx。(經匿名審查)