8th Taiwan Documentary Filmfestival

The Taiwan Documentary Film Festival of 2013 took place June 28/29 and featured the work of Tsai Tsung-Lung 蔡崇隆, who took part in the event of as our special guest.  The topical focus of the programme was on social issues and justice, besides food-safety issues in present day Taiwan. 

Tsai Tsung-Lung, who is a famous independent reporter, presented three documentaries and discussed them with the audience. Many of his works were also shown during earlier festivals in this series, like Immigrant Brides I - My Imported Wife 我的強娜威 and Immigrant Brides II - My Imported Bride 黑仔討老婆 in the TDFF 2007 for instance, or Behind the Miracle 奇蹟背後 in 2009.  The feature filmChocolate Rap 巧克力重擊  (Lee Chi-Yuarn 李啓源) rounded the programme off.

Venue is the Neuphilologicum "Brechtbau" at Wilhelmstr. 50.

The programm

Invited Guest Director: Tsai Tsung-Lung 蔡崇隆


14:30-14:45 Welcoming remarks
14:45-16:00 1. The Other Side 對岸異鄉人
16:00-17:10 2. Formosa Homicide Chronicle 島國殺人紀事
17:10-17:40 Discussion
17:40-18:00 Taiwanese Food
18:00-19:45 Feature Movie: Chocolate Rap 巧克力重擊


10:00-11:10 3. Out/Marriage 失婚記
11:10-12:10 4. Tuvalu/Taivalu 沉沒之島
12:10-12:30 Discussion
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-15:20 5. Surviving Evil 油症,與毒共存
15:20-16:00 Discussion and Closing Remarks

Below are the posters and flyer of 2013 TDFF, you can click the picture to download the pdf.