Prof. Lee Zong-Rong 李宗榮


Prof. Lee Zong-Rong 李宗榮

Home Institiution:

Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Duration of Stay:

Mai 18 – 24, 2015


Lee Zong-Rong is associate research fellow of Institute of Sociology at Academia Sinica. He received a Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Chicago in 2005 and joined the faculty of Academia Sinica ever since. His main research interest focuses on sociological understanding of individual and corporate market behaviors from the social network perspective. He has published more than a dozen of articles and book chapters, both in English and Chinese, on the topics of business networks in Taiwan as well as in Asia Pacific region. He has recently received research grants from National Science Council and Academia Sinica Thematic Research Grant for his studies on kinship networks among Taiwanese business elites as well as on dynamic analysis of intercorporate networks in Taiwan.