Prof. Wang Jenn-Hwan 王振寰


Prof. Wang Jenn-Hwan 王振寰

Home Institiution:

Graduate Institute of Development Studies at National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan

Duration of Stay:

Nov. 8 – Dec. 19, 2014


Wang, Jenn-Hwan, chair professor, Graduate Institute of Development Studies at National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan. He served as the Dean of Research and Development during 2006-2008 and is currently the director of the Center for China Studies at the same university, as well as the editor of the journal of Issues and Studies. Professor Wang is author or editor of 12 books written in Chinese and numerous articles covering issues related to Taiwan’s economic development, comparative studies on East Asian societies, and recently on China’s development model. His recent publications include The Limits of Fast Follower: Taiwan’s Economic Transition and Innovation (Taipei: Juliu Books, 2010), Mainland China and Cross-Strait Relations (a textbook, published by Taipei: Juliu Books, 2011), and many articles published in international journals such as International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Pacific Review, Environment and Planning A, Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Contemporary China, and Development and Change. His most recent research project is about environmental politics in China, investigating the overlooked hydro-social contexts in China’s economic development, and the paradoxical nexus between fossil and hydro power electricity sectors in China’ climate change policies.