Chen Bo-Yu 陳柏宇


Chen Bo-Yu 陳柏宇

Home Institiution:

Graduate Institute of Political Science of National Sun Yat-sen University

Duration of Stay:

Oct. 19th to Nov. 17th, 2011

Research Topic

International relation theories, Cross-Strait Relations, Japanese Foreign Policy

Current Job Position

02/2009 – Adjunct Lecturer, National Kaohsiung University


2004-2011 Ph. D. (Political Science), National Sun Yat-sen University  (Taiwan).

10/2006 – 09/2007 Visiting Scholar, University of Okayama, Japan, Graduate Institute of Social Science and Culture.

06/2001 – Master of Law, Faculty of International Affairs, Department of Diplomacy, National Cheng-Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan.

06/1998– Bachelor of Art, Department of Japanese literature and language, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.


Chen, Bo-Yu. 2011. A Civilizational Turn in International Relations: Emergence of an Asian School?  (in Chinese) Ph. D. Dissertation, Supervisor: Prof. L. H. M. Ling; Prof. Shih Chih-yu.

Chen, Bo-Yu. 2000. Japan’s foreign aid toward Southeast Asia: The interaction between donor and recipient. (in Chinese) Thesis of M.A. Supervisor: Dr. Hurng Yu Chen.


Chen, Boyu. 2011. “Japan as a Bridge of Civilizations: An Approach to Exploring Non-Western International Relation Theories,” (in Chinese) The Journal of International Relations, Vol. 31, forthcoming.

Ling, L.H.M., Hwang, C.C., and Chen, Boyu. 2010.  “Subaltern Straits: ‘Exit’, ‘Voice’, and ‘Loyalty’ in US-China-Taiwan Relations.”  International Relations of the Asia-Pacific 10(1): 33-59.

Chen, Boyu, Hwang, Ching-Chane, and Ling, L.H.M. 2009. “Lust/Caution

in IR: Democratizing World Politics,” Millennium: Journal of International

Studies, 37(3): 739-62.

Chen, Bo-Yu. 2004. “Accommodation Interests in the Aid Relationship: Case Studies of Japan’s ODA toward Thailand and Philippine”, (in Chinese), Journal of Overseas Chinese and Southeast Asian Studies, 4 (4): 35-79.

Conference Paper

Ling, L.H.M, Hwang, Ching-Chane, Chen, Boyu. “CHINA’S CONFUCIAN TURN: Implications for Humanitarian Intervention and Global Governance,” Sovereignty and Humanitarian Intervention in the International Society of East Asia -historical legacies and new dynamics, Modern East Asia Research Centre, Leiden University College The Hague, 11-12 Jun. 2010.

Chen, Boyu, Hwang, Ching-Chane, and Ling, L.H.M. 2008. “Lust/Caution

in IR: Democratizing World Politics,” Millennium conference on “Interrogating Democracy in International Relations,” London School of Economics (LSE), 25-26 October 2008

Hwang, Ging Chane, and Chen, Bo-Yu. 2008. “Subaltern Straits: Taiwan’s       Mainstream Discourse on US-China-Taiwan Relations”, International

Studies Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 28 Mar.2008.

Chen, Bo-Yu, and Jiang-ting Chen. 2006. “In the Search for Strategy and Identity: Strategic Culture and Japan’s Security Policy”, Asian Security Facing Hegemony: Nationalism, Immigration and Humanity International Symposium, Jun 2, 2006, National Sun Yat Sen University.

Hwang, Ging Chane, and Bo-Yu  Chen. 2005. “Masculinities of American East Asian Foreign Policy: A Feminist Perspective”, (In Chinese) Annual Conference of the Chinese Association of Political Science, Academic Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.

Chen, Bo-Yu .2005. “Gender, Security, and the European Union’s role in Asia”, The Third Conference of the European Union Studies Association Asia-Pacific, 8-10 Dec. 2005, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan.


Adjunct Lecturer, National Kaohsiung University, Taiwan.


Japanese (advanced); English (advanced); Taiwanese (oral); Mandarin (native)

Awards or Grants recieved

2006 Ministry of Education, Study Abroad Scholarship to University of Okayama, Japan.

2005 European Union Studies Association Asia-Pacific, Conference Travel Grant to Tokyo, Keio University.

2008 National Science Council, Conference Travel Grant to London School of Economics.

2008 Ministry of Education, Conference Travel Grant, to San Francisco, Annual conference of International Studies Association.