Dr. Malte Philipp Kaeding 馬寶康


Dr. Malte Philipp Kaeding 馬寶康

Institutional Affiliation:

Lecturer in International Politics, University of Surrey, Guildford, England



Dr. Malte Philipp Kaeding received his Ph.D. in the Department of Government and International Studies (GIS) at Hong Kong Baptist University. Previously he studied at the University of Heidelberg/Germany, in Taiwan at the Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung and Cheng Kung University in Tainan and the University of Hong Kong. He holds a graduate degree (Magister) in Chinese Studies and Political Science at the University of Heidelberg/Germany. He has published on electioneering and identity in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Further research areas include identity politics and identity changes, elections and election campaigning, political marketing, political party development and democratisation as well as youth and politics in the Greater China area. He is a member of the Hong Kong Transition Project, a longitudinal, multimethod project analyzing the political development in Hong Kong since the 1980s.

Current Research Project

Ph.D. research project "Identity Construction in Election Campaigns in Taiwan and Hong Kong" This thesis attempts to examine modes of construction of national and sub-national identities during electoral campaigns in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Using content analysis of elections platforms, official campaign material, campaign advertisement and campaign styles, the spectrum of identity options put forward by the political parties is expored. Supplemented by interviews and survey data, the comparative study focuses on similarities and differences of identity construction and campaign styles and looks for possible mutual influences and a "Chinese way" of identity construction and campaigning.