Fan Hsiu-Yu 范秀羽


Fan Hsiu-Yu 范秀羽

Home Institiution:

U.C. Berkeley School of Law

Duration of Stay:

Jan. 2 to Feb. 7, 2014


Fan Hsiu-Yu is a J.S.D. candidate at U.C. Berkeley School of Law, where she also received her LL.M. degree. Her current research interests include immigration law and policy, international law, comparative legal studies, and labor law and social policy. She is now working with her dissertation advisor Professor Leti Volpp on her dissertation in the form of a trilogy on three different forms of immigration lawmaking: the grassroots movements of immigrant workers in the U.S., the courtroom activities of immigrant spouses in Taiwan, and the evolving state policies on citizenship of Taiwan, the U.S. and China. At Berkeley, she has been a research assistant for Professor Alex Wang on China law and government and also a graduate student instructor for the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. Before pursuing her advanced degrees, she practiced law in Taiwan for a couple years after receiving her LL.B. from National Taiwan University and is licensed to practice in both Taiwan and the New York State.