Prof. Chen Don-yun 陳敦源


Prof. Chen Don-yun 陳敦源

Home Institiution:

Department of Public Administration, National Chengchi University

Duration of Stay:

January 17 to 31, 2018 

Academic Career

1.Full Professor

2.Department of Public Administration, National Chengchi University

3.Year Born: 1964

4.Degree: Political Science, University of Rochester, 1997

5.Administrative positions:

Professor has served as Department Head, the Vice Dean of the School of Social Science at NCCU, Member of Transparency International Taiwan, Member of the Advisory Group of the Second Generation National Health Insurance, Governing Advisory Group of Taipei, New Taipei and Tao-yuan Cities, Committee Member of the Referendum Review Committee under the Executive Yuan, and Committee Member of the Bureaucratic Reform Committee under the Examination Yuan.

Dr. Chen graduated from the Department of Political Science at the University of Rochester, USA. He is a comparative political scientist with a dissertation concerning constitutional choice of Taiwan and Spain during democratization. His principle advisor is Professor G. Bingham Powell, Jr. Also, he is a well-trained policy analyst with both political and economic background with a Master of Science degree in public policy analysis at the same school, under the supervising of Professor David L. Weimer. In 1997, he returned to Taiwan and joined the flourishing field of public management and refocused his research on the institutional reconciliation of public administration and democracy in Taiwan. There are three focuses of his researches for the past twenty years. First, he tries to study the democratizing change of the Confucius bureaucratic system from bureaucrat’s viewpoints. He launched a multi-year and multi-stage project called The Taiwan Government Bureaucratic Survey (TGBS) in 2008. Now the TGBS has been moving into its fifth phase. Second, he is involved in a multi-year and government financed research institute, the Taiwan e-governance Research Center (TEG), beginning in 2007. His research is focusing on the question of how information and communication technologies (ICTs) can facilitate or hinder the democratization of bureaucratic system in Taiwan. Lastly, Dr. Chen was invited to join a central government taskforce in 2000 to design the second generation of National Health Insurance in Taiwan. Since then, the problem of citizen participation in the NHI is also on Dr. Chen’s research agenda. The followings are three English publications to represent the outputs of above focuses (pdf files attached):

Recent Publications

1.Berman, Evan, Don-yun Chen, Chung-yuang Jan and Tong-yi Huang. (2013) “Public Agency Leadership: The Impact of Informal Understandings with Political Appointees on Perceived Agency Innovation in Taiwan.” Public Administration, 91(2): 303-324.

2.Chung-pin Lee, Don-yun Chen, and Tong-yi Huang. (2014) “The Interplay between Digital and Political Divides: the Case of e-Petitioning in Taiwan.” Social Science Computer Review, 32(1): 37-55.

3.Lin, Chao-Yin, Don-yun Chen, I-Chun Liu, and Naiyi Hsiao. (2010) “Political Feasibility Analysis of the New Financing Scheme for the National Health Insurance Reform in Taiwan: An Application of Stakeholder Analysis,” Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 4(3): 163-183.