Prof. Keng Shu 耿曙


Prof. Keng Shu 耿曙

Home Institiution:

National Cheng-Chi University

Duration of Stay:

Jun. 20 - Jul. 4, 2008


Prof. Keng is Associate Professor at the Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan. He is also the Director of Taishang Research Resource Unit of the University, the Executive Editor of the Chinese Political Science Review (CPSR) and the editor of East Asian Studies. His research areas include Cross-Strait Relations, Cross-strait government-business relations, and Chinese Political economy.


Lecture series on Contemporary Cross-Strait Relations

How to Break the Cross-Strait Stalemate: An Analytical Framework for the Formation of Taiwan's China Policy

State of the Current Study of Cross-Strait Relations: State-centered vs. Society-centered Analysis

Main Trends of Taiwan's Public Opinions: With Special Reference to Cross-Strait Relations: Identity-based or Interest-Driven?

Achievements and Limitations of China's Economic Statecraft: Economic Leverage based on Sanctions and Persuasion

The Identity Factor: Historical Origins of Taiwanese Identity and Its Declining Significance in Taiwanese Politics

The Role of Taiwanese Business People in Reshaping the Future of Cross-Strait Relations