Prof. Gordon Cheung 張志楷


Prof. Gordon Cheung 張志楷

Home Institiution:

Durham University, School of Government and International Affairs

Duration of Stay:

Feb. 14 to 21st, 2010


Prof. Gordon C. K. Cheung (張志楷) is Senior Lecturer in International Relations of China and Deputy Director of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies at Durham University, United Kingdom. He obtained his PhD from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1997, and became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK in 2007. He serves as advisory board member of the European Research Centre on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT) at the University of Tübingen, Germany since 2008. He has been editing a leading academic journal, East Asia: An International Quarterly since 2004. Previously, he taught and held various visiting positions at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the National University of Singapore, Renmin University in China, University of Oxford and Academic Sinica, Taiwan. He has authored three books on Chinese international relations and political economy: Market Liberalism: American Foreign Policy toward China (1998), China Factors: Political Perspectives and Economic Interactions (2007) [Chinese version, 中國因素:大中華圈的機會與挑戰 (2009)] and Intellectual Property Rights in China: Politics of Piracy, Trade and Protection (2009). He has published many articles in leading academic journals. His latest research projects are on financial centres of Chinese cities and cross strait business relations.

Recent Publications


Intellectual Property Rights in China: Politics of Piracy, Trade and Protection. London: Routledge, 2009


China Factors: Political Perspectives and Economic Interactions. New Brunswick, N. J.: Transaction Publishers, 2007.

Editing of special issues:

‘Made in China vs. Made by Chinese: Global Identities of Chinese Business’ (special issue) Journal of Contemporary China 18(58) (2009).

‘Greater China and Regional Governance: Problems and Prospects’ (special issue) East Asia: An International Quarterly 21(1) (2004).


‘The 2008-09 Global Financial Fallout: Shanghai and Dubai as Emerging Financial Powerhouses?’, Asian Politics and Policy 2(1) (2010): 77-93.

New Approaches to Cross Strait Integration and Its Impacts on Taiwan’s Domestic Economy: An Emerging ‘Chaiwan’? Journal of Current Chinese Affairs: China Akeutll 39(1) (2010): forth-coming.

‘Cultural Identities of Chinese Business: Networks of the Shark Fin Business in Hong Kong’ Asia Pacific Business Review 17(1) (2010), forth-coming. (with C. Y. Chang)

‘Family Firms, Networks and “Ethnic Enterprise”: Chinese Food Industry in Britain.’ East Asia: An International Quarterly 26(2) (2009): 133-157. (with Edmund Terence Gomez)

‘Governing Greater China: Dynamic Perspectives and Transforming Interactions’ for the special issue in the Journal of Contemporary China 18(58) (2009): 93-111.

‘International Relations Theory in Flux in View of China’s Peaceful Rise’ Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies 26(1) (2008): 5-21.

‘Hong Kong’s Information Technology after 1997 and the case of 3G Mobile Licences “Auction” in 2001’, China: An International Journal 4(2) (2006): 314-326.

‘Identity: In Searching the Meaning of Cheesiness in Greater China’. Copenhagen Discussion Paper 10 (May 2006) 1-30.

‘Involuntary Migrants, Political Revolutionary and Economic Energizers: A Search for Image Building of Southeast Asian Overseas Chinese,’ Journal of Contemporary China 14(42) (2005): 55-66.

‘Chinese Diaspora as Virtual-Nation: Interactive Roles between Economic and Social Capital’ Political Studies 52(4) (2004): 664-684.