Prof. Hu Tai-Li 胡台麗


Prof. Hu Tai-Li 胡台麗

Home Institiution:

Academia Sinica

Duration of Stay:

Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 2008


Hu, Tai-Li is a pioneer of Ethnographic films in Taiwan. She is currently a research fellow at the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica in Taiwan; a concurrent professor at National Qinghua University, and the president of Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival. After graduating from the History Department of the National Taiwan University, she entered the City University of New York, and obtained her Ph.D. degree in anthropology. Since 1984, she has directed and produced six 16 mm ethnographic films ("The Return of Gods and Ancestors", "Songs of Pasta'ay", "Voices of Orchid Island", "Passing Through My Mother-in-law's Village¡", "Sounds of Love and Sorrow", "Stone Dream") and published six books. Her films won Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival "The Best Documentary Film Award", Chicago International Film Festival "Silver Plaque Award" , Houston International Film Festival "Gold Special Jury Award", and Taiwan International Documentary Festival Jury's Special Mention Award", etc. "Passing Through My Mother-in-law's Village" is the first documentary film screened at the commercial theater in Taiwan with great success.


"The Cultural Contact of the Yami/Dawu People and the Outside World" combined with film viewing "Voices of Orchid Island"

"The Interpretation of Saisiat Pasta'ay Songs and Ritual" combined with film viewing "Songs of Pasta'ay"