Chang Tung-Chia 張桐嘉


Chang Tung-Chia 張桐嘉

Home Institiution:

College of Law of National Taiwan University

Duration of Stay:

Nov. 2nd 2011 to Jan. 31st, 2012


Chang Tung-Chia(Tung-Jia) was born in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. At 2004 he graduated from National Taiwan University, major in Law. Then he studied philosophy of law as a graduate student at College of Law, NTU. He tried to  analyze the sovereignty of Taiwan with philosophical perspective, and studied political theory of middle age Europe. He completed his master Thesis, “On Thomas Hobbes’s Concept of Sovereignty” in 2008. Currently he is doing his PhD at College of Law, NTU.

Current Research Project

Chang Tung-Chia is now working on investigating the relation between temporality and responsibility, he is trying to understand the continuation of events and how a society responds events through institutions and intended actions of citizens, especially through legal institutions and legal actions. He is interested in investigating the comparison between political and legal responses to catastrophe and to crime. By analyzing the three major events in Taiwan: 921 earthquake, 88 flood, and the execution of the capital punishment begin with 2010, he tries to explain the legal institutions of emergency command and capital punishment have some flaw in dealing with major social and political events, because they distort the continuation of events.