Po-Han Lee 李柏翰


Prof. Dr. Po-Han Lee 李柏翰

Home Institiution: Health Policy and Management & Health Behaviours and Community Sciences, National Taiwan University
Duration of Stay:

July 2 to July 29, 2023


Po-Han Lee is an Assistant Professor at the Global Health Program, also associated with the Institute of Health Policy and Management and the Institute of Health Behaviours and Community Sciences at National Taiwan University. He coordinates the NTU College of Public Health’s EDI Programme. He was trained in International Law and Political Sociology (on human rights) and has studied and published extensively in English and Chinese, mostly related to human rights law and politics, global health governance, and gender and sexualities. He is an Editorial Member for Feminist Review, Sociology Compass, and Taiwanese Journal of Sociology, and a senior editor for Plain Law Movement, the first multimedia platform for legal education in Taiwan. Recently he co-edited with Gizem Guney and David Davies, Towards Gender Equality in Law: An Analysis of State Failures from a Global Perspective, published with Palgrave.