14th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival, February 8-9, 2020

With a topical focus on LGBT issues, the ERCCT's 14th Taiwan Documentary Film Festival was held at Kino Arsenal on February 8 - 9, 2020. Two invited guest directors, Huang Hui-chen 黃惠偵 from Taipei and Lucie Liu from Berlin attracted a large audience with their award-winning documentaries. On Saturday, Feb. 8, Huang Hui-chen presented three films, among them the very touching self-portrait Small Talk 日常對話 about her relationship with her lesbian mother, a work for which she won the Teddy Award, the Berlinale's award for best film with a LGBT topic, in the category of documentary in 2017. In the following Q&A, ERCCT Visiting Scholar Prof. Hsieh Hsin-Chin 謝欣芩, who works on documentary film making in Taiwan, presented a number of well informed and intriguing questions, inspiring a very fruitful and instructive discussion. Lucie Liu then presented Taipeilove* on Sunday morning, a documentary about Taiwan gay people's life experience in a Confucian society and their fight for equal rights, winning her both the award for best documentary of the Seoul International Film Festival and the hearts of her Tübingen audience. 
On Saturday evening, the black-comedy mystery thriller The Tenants Downstairs 樓下的房客 by Adam Tsuei (2017) was a very entertaining extra, made possible with the kind support of the Taiwan Film Institute and the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany. 
Our gratitude also goes to the team of Kino Arsenal (Arsenal Kinobetriebe Stefan Paul KG) for hosting us and for the smooth cooperation, and to the China Centrum Tübingen for hosting the Q&A session on February 8!

The Programme

Saturday, 8 February 2020:
10:00 am:   Opening remarks by ERCCT Director Prof. Schubert
10:15 am:   Film 1 - Hospital Wing 8 East 八東病房, Huang Hui-Chen 2006, 55 min.
11:20 am:   Film 2 - Lesbian Factory T婆工廠, Chen Su-hsiang 2010, 56 min.
12:20 pm:   Q&A with director Huang Hui-chen
12:50 pm:   Lunch Break
2:30 pm:     Film 3 - Small Talk 日常對話, Huang Hui-Chen 2017, 88 min. 
4:00 pm:     Q&A with director Huang Hui-chen
5:00 pm:     Pretzel break
6:00 pm:     Feature Film: The Tenants Downstairs 樓下的房客, Adam Tsuei 2017

Sunday, 9 February 2020:
10:30 am:   TaipeiLove*, Lucie Liu 2018, 71 min. 
11:45 am:   Q&A with the director