George Nee 倪世傑


George Nee 倪世傑

Home Institiution:

Institute of Political Science, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (ROC)

Duration of Stay:

11 Jan. – 10 Feb. 2018


George Nee has been an activist, teacher and columnist. He received a Ph.D. in Political Science at National Chengchi University in 2015. His research interest mainly focuses on cross-strait relations, nationalism and economic inequality in Taiwan, and political development in America during Trump’s presidency. He also draws on contemporary issues such as resurgence of right-wing populist and authoritarian forces, artificial intelligence and society, and social movements in Taiwan.


Nee, George. 2018. “Nukes-Free Homeland: On Anti-Nukes Movement in Taiwan 2000-2017.” Eds. Michael Hsiao, Y. Y. Kuan and S. Y. Wang , Taiwan’s Social Welfare Movements and Policy implications for Taiwan. 2000-2016. Kaohsiung: Chuliu Publishing. (Peer Reviewed, forthcoming)

Nee, George. 2017. “Universal Basic Income: Hope or Illusion.” Reflexion 34: 173-197.