Prof. Yang Wan-Ying 楊婉瑩


Prof. Yang Wan-Ying 楊婉瑩

Home Institiution:

Department of Political Science, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan

Duration of Stay:

Jun 10 – Jul 9, 2017


Yang, Wan-Ying, professor of the Department of Political Science, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan. After she received her Ph.D. from Michigan State University and returned to Taiwan in 1999, along with her teachings in the university, she has been actively engaged in women’s movements and served as the board member of the Awakening Foundation from more than ten years. From 2013 till 2017 (Feb), she served as the chair of the department of Political Science, and then the deputy dean of the College of Social Sciences. Currently, she is the board member of the Taiwan Political Science Association and serves on the editorial boards of many Taiwan’s indexed journals (Issues & Studies, Journal of Electoral Studies, Soochow Journal of Political Science). Her research interests focus on the subjects of identity and gender politics, women’s movements, women’s political participation, and gender gaps in political attitudes and behaviors. She is the author of many articles on gender and identity politics published in Taiwan and international journals, including most recently, Asian Women, Journal of Women, Politics & Policy, Issues & Studies, Taiwanese Journal of Political Science,Taiwan Democracy Quarterly, Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy, and the Journal of Electoral Studies.