Dr. Mikael Mattlin 馬特林


Dr. Mikael Mattlin 馬特林

Home Institiution:

Institute of International Affairs, Finland

Duration of Stay:

Jan. 7th to 13rd, 2013


The Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Global Security Research Programme
P.O.Box 400
00161 Helsinki, Finland
institute website: www.fiia.fi
E-Mail: mikael.mattlinspam prevention@fiia.fi


Dr Mikael Mattlin is a researcher in the Global Security Research Programme of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs—an independent research institute under the Finnish parliament. Dr Mattlin holds a doctoral degree from the University of Helsinki, where he previously worked as University Lecturer. His most significant position of trust is Ombudsman for the Foundation for Foreign Policy Research, based in Helsinki.
Dr Mattlin has specialised in Chinese politics since 1995 and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He has been a visiting scholar at Fudan University, the Finnish central bank, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Academia Sinica and the National University of Singapore etc. His peer-reviewed journal articles have appeared, among others, in The China Quarterly, Cooperation and Conflict, Issues & Studies, and China Perspectives.
In 2011, Dr Mattlin’s peer-reviewed monograph on Taiwan’s political transformation was published by NIAS Press (www.niaspress.dk/books/politicized-society). The book was highly acclaimed in reviews in both of the main China studies journals, The China Quarterly (No. 209, March 2012) and The China Journal (Iss. 69, January 2013).


The Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Selected publications

Mattlin, Mikael (2012) “Dead on arrival: Normative EU policy towards China,” Asia-Europe Journal, Vol. 10, No. 2-3: 181-198.

Keukeleire, Stephan, Mikael Mattlin et al (2011) The EU Foreign Policy Towards the BRICS and Other Emerging Powers: Objectives and Strategies. Brussels: European Parliament, 49 p. 【Link】

Mattlin, Mikael and Matti Nojonen (2011) “Conditionality in Chinese bilateral lending,” BOFIT Discussion Papers 14. Helsinki: Bank of Finland, pp. 1-36. 【Link】

Mattlin, Mikael (2011) Politicized Society: The Long Shadow of Taiwan's One-Party Legacy. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 324 p.

Mattlin, Mikael (2009) “Thinking clearly on political strategy: The formulation of a common EU policy toward China,” in Bart Gaens, Juha Jokela and Eija Limnell (eds) The Role of the European Union in Asia. China and India as Strategic Partners. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 95-120.

Mattlin, Mikael (2007) “The Chinese government’s new approach to ownership and financial control of strategic state-owned enterprises,” BOFIT Discussion Papers 10. Helsinki: Bank of Finland, pp. 1-59. 【Link】.

Mattlin, Mikael (2006) “Party opportunism among local politicians after Taiwan’s power transition,” East Asia: An International Quarterly 23 (1): 68-85.

Mattlin, Mikael (2005) “Structural and institutional integration: Asymmetric integration and symmetricity tendencies,” Cooperation and Conflict 40 (4): 403-421.

Mattlin, Mikael (2004) “Nested pyramid structures. Political parties in Taiwanese elections,” The China Quarterly 180: 1021-1039.

Mattlin, Mikael (2004) “Referendum as a form of zaoshi: The instrumental domestic political functions of Taiwan’s referendum ploy,” Issues & Studies 40 (2): 155-185. 

Current research interests

Dr Mattlin’s current research interests revolve around China’s changing roles in global economic governance, China’s externally-oriented economic policies and EU-China political relations.