Prof. Wang Hong-zen 王宏仁


Prof. Wang Hong-zen 王宏仁

Home Institiution:

Department of Sociology, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaoshiung

Duration of Stay:

Oct. 20 - Nov. 15, 2016



2011 Politics of Difference in Taiwan. London and New York: Routledge. (co-editor with Tak-wing Ngo)

2009 Cross-border marriage with Asian characteristics (Taipei: Academia Sinica) (editor)

2009 To cross or not to cross: Transnational Taiwan, Taiwan's Transnationality (Taipei: Academia Sinica) (in Chinese) (editor)

2006. Social Stratification in Postwar Taiwan. Taipei: Taiwan Archive. Co-authored with Ming-chang Tsai.

2004. Taiwanese Businesspeople in Southeast Asia: Networks, Identification and Globalization. Taipei: CAPAS, Academia Sinica. Co-edited with Michael H. H. Hsiao and Kung I-chun.


Selected Journal Articles

2015 Presidential address:


Public sociological writings: academic blogs and knowledge

dissemination in Taiwan. (2016)

「男性家暴者的諮商經驗:階級差異如何再製」,台灣社會學刊,第 55 期,頁227-273 (TSSCI 期刊,通訊作者,陳伯偉、唐文慧合著)。

How Class Distinctions Are Reproduced: Evidence from The Counselling Experiences of Male Domestic Violence Abusers. (2014)

「Navigating Domestic Violence Protection Law by Vietnamese Immigrant Wives in Taiwan」, Affilia (co-authored with Anna Wen-hui Tang) ,SSCI。

Governing Migrant Workers at a Distance: Managing the Temporary Status of Guestworkers in Taiwan. International Migration, 2013, (co-authored with Yen-fen Tseng)

Ethnic diversity and statistics in East Asia: 'foreign brides’ surveys in Taiwan and South Korea. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 2010, 33(6): 1108 - 1130 (co-authored with Daniele Belanger, Hye-kyung Lee)

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