Dr. Winnie King 金婉玲


Dr. Winnie King 金婉玲

Institutional Affiliation:

Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Bristol and the British Inter-University China Centre



Winnie King (DPhil, Oxon) is a British Inter-University China Centre (BICC) Research Fellow in Chinese International Political Economy. In addition to Visiting Scholar fellowships with Academia Sinica Institute for Political Scienceand the Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, as well as the Centre for Chinese Studies (漢學研究中心), she also completed her MA in Political Science at the University of Western Ontario a BA in Economics at Simin Fraser University, Canada.

Current Research Project

As a political scientist, with a specialisation in political economy and policy-making, her principle area of research is in political economic development in East Asia (Taiwan and China). Her DPhil examined the role of transnational actors, social movements and economic lobby groups on the policy-making process within the Taiwan Straits context. Her current research interests include economic cooperation in East Asia and Greater China 'integration,' and China-European relations. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, her research draws upon theories of economic cooperation and integration, institutionalism, as well as socio-political debates of political participation to examine the changing relationship between private actors and governments. Suggesting that social-economic networks and transnational actors have a larger role in the domestic/foreign policy process, examines the workings of state structures and institutions within an increasingly globalised and transnational polity.