Dr. Yu Yi-wen 尤怡文


Dr. Yu Yi-wen 尤怡文

Home Institiution:

School of International and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai

Duration of Stay:

Jun. 17 – Jul. 3, 2016


Yi-wen Yu, an academic flaneur. In recent years, she wandered through Heidelberg University, Kyoto University, UC Berkeley, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She also roamed through various disciplines: political science, economic sociology, economic and financial history as well as historical sociology. On her tortuous academic journey, a self-imposed question lingered in her mind — as a scholar, what is her and her research’s real contribution to the society?

The question remains. She is still actively exploring answers. For the moment, she has taken on the role of a knowledge broker, translating unreadable academic knowledge into accessible articles for magazines, newspaper, and websites. Let’s hope that, even under great pressure of career advancement, she can persevere and prevail in her quixotic quest!



尤怡文,《变迁的政经结构,变异的台湾海岸:台湾海岸地区开发的政治经济分析1946-2015(Political Economy of the Development in Taiwan’s coastal zone, 1946-2015),北京:九洲出版社(Beijing:Jiuzhou Press)2016

Yi-wen Yu, K.C. Yu, T.C. Lin, “Political Economy of Cross-strait Relations: Is Beijing’s Patronage Policy on Taiwan Business Sustainable?”,Journal of Contemporary China(SSCI), 2016forthcoming.

Yi-wen Yu,〈台湾金融业混合所有制治理转型及启示:基于公民股的博弈行为分析〉(Lessons from Taiwan’s partial privatization in Financial industry: bargains between private stockholder and government),清华大学《公共管理评论》(China Public Administration Review),Vol.18, 2015.(CSSCI)

Yi-wen Yu, Corporate State or State Incorporated: The Modern State-Building in Netherlands, Britain, Japan and China《企業國家,國家企業:尼德蘭聯省共和國、英國、日本、中國之現代國家建構》, Chinese University Press, Hong Kong, (Revised & Resubmitted)

Yi-Wen Yu, “The China Inc.: The Business Group for Political, Economic and Social Networking”, paper for World Economic History Conference 2012, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, 9-13 July 2012

Yi-Wen Yu, Billy K. L. So, Pearl M.C. Chih,”The Divergence of Business Modernization in Textbook Industry between Modern China and Meiji Japan: Cases Study of Commercial Press and Kinkōdō ”(中日教科書出版業現代化路徑的分殊:商務印書館與金港堂),in Searching for Modernity and Identity in Japan-China Cultural Flows in the Modern Period(從近現代日中文化交流看現代性及身份認同的探索),edited by Wu Wei-Min, forthcoming, HK: CUHK Press, 2013

Yi-Wen Yu, 2010 “Rethinking the Kirby Puzzle: A Reassessment of Chinese Company Evolution from the Public Finance Perspectives, 1860-1949” published inVol. 8 (2010) of the Journal Business and Economic History On-Line

Billy K. L. So, Pearl M.C. Chih and Yiwen Yu, 2010, “Modernity for Business or Business for Modernity: The Textbook Empires of Kinkōdō in Meiji Japan and Commercial Press in modern China”, paper presented at the 21st International Congress on Historical Science, Amsterdam, Aug 22-28, 2010.

Yu, Yi-Wen, 2010 “Rethinking Kirby Puzzle: A reassessment of Chinese company evolution from the public finance perspectives, 1860-1949”, paper presented at the Business History Conference 2010, Athens, GA, March 25-27, 2010.

Yu, Yi-Wen, 2009 “Corporate State or State Incorporated: the national/Capitalistic State-Building in Netherlands, Britain, China and Japan”, paper presented at the 2009 Economic History Association Annual Meeting, Tuscon, Arizona, September 11-13, 2009.

Yu, Yi-Wen, 2007 Rethinking Kirby Puzzle: A Perspective on Historical Institutionalism〈重省中國公司不舉之謎:一種歷史制度論的觀點〉paper presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Chinese Political Science Association, Kaohsiung, I-Shou University, Sep. 30th.

Yu, Yi-Wen, Wang, Guang-Xu 2007, “New Governance or New Clientelism? The Case of Local Governance Transition in Taiwan”, paper presented at The 27th International Congress of Administrative Sciences, Abu Dhabi.(July 11~13, 2007)

Yu, Yi-Wen 2005, Roles, strategies and problems of government-owned shares in the privatized financial institutions,〈試析金融機構中的公股之角色、策略與問題〉paper presented at the 2005 Annual Meeting of the Taiwanese Political Science Association, Taipei, December 10th

Yu, Yi-Wen 2004, The Taiwanese labor movement during democratic transition: The invalid ballot movement on 2004 presidential election,”〈民主轉化過程中的勞工運動~2004總統大選「百萬廢票運動」談起〉paper presented at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Taiwanese Political Science Association, Kaohsiung, I-Shou University

Yu, Yi-Wen 2004, The transformation of political-economic structure, and the abnormal development on coast zones in Taiwan,”〈變遷的政經結構,變異的台灣海岸〉,paper presented at the 2nd LandResearch Conference, Taipei, National Chengchi University

Yu, Yi-Wen 2001, State, Capital and Civil Society: The Political-Economic Analysis of Coastal Zone Development in Taiwan”〈台灣海岸地區開發之政治經濟分析:國家、資本與民間社會之互動〉paper presented at the 3rd National political science graduate students conference, TaichungTunghai University

Yu, Yi-Wen, Hsu, Shin-Jung 2000, When community environmental movement meet the energy regime power: The anti-coal power plant movement in Wu Wei Gang community”〈能源政權下社區環保運動之探討:以宜蘭縣無尾港社區反蘇澳火力發電廠為例〉,Paper in Chinese presented at the 10th Cross-Strait Conference on Environment & Metropolitan , Dalian University of Technology.

Yu, Yi-Wen 1999, The political economic analysis of Taiwanese development policy on coastal zone: the case of Suao coal-fired Power Plant〈台灣海岸地區開發政策之政經分析:蘇澳火力發電廠建廠計畫〉,paper presented in Graduate Students Research Workshop, Taipei, National Changchi University


Yu, Yi-Wen 1999, Reflections on the trend of energy technology policy in Taiwan〈台灣能源科技趨勢的省思〉,paper presented in Cross-Strait Graduate Students Conference on the Humanity andTechnology, Taipei, Chinese Culture University.