Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars Programme
The ERCCT hosts Taiwanese and European Visiting Scholars who come to Tübingen during the academic term. They hold lectures or give brief seminars. Most importantly, they take part in the Taiwan Colloquium where they play an active role by presenting their research in terms of content, theory, and methodology. They also discuss and evaluate the ERCCT Research Fellows' projects, thereby helping them to prepare their fieldwork or assessing data brought back from the field.
How to apply
Established scholars in the field of Taiwan Studies can apply to visit the ERCCT for up to one month. If invited, they are granted one month of accommodation in Tübingen and travel costs to and from Tübingen covered by the ERCCT, a 50 EUR-per-day living allowance, and office space at the center. 
Applications for the winter semester, which runs from mid-October to early February, are welcome until 15 May. Applications for the summer semester (mid-April to end of July) are accepted until November 15 the previous year. Applicants will be informed about the selection results within two weeks. If not selected they can reapply at a later date.
Applications should include an academic CV, the description of a current research project (to be presented in the Taiwan Colloquium) and the title and abstract of a public lecture to be held in Tübingen. 

This programme's next opening is in the summer semester 2024. 

Please send your application stefan.braigspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

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