Young Scholar Workshop 2013 papers


Anna Kaimova (Institute of Asian and African Studies, MSU)
"Taiwanese Identity": The Main Factors of its Shaping and Maintaining (1945 to date)

Chang  I-Wen (Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, UCLA)
Embodying Global Citizenship: Constructing Identity through Salsa Practice in Taiwan

Cheng Nian-Tzu Isabelle (School of Languages and Area Studies, University of Portsmouth)

Chiao Yuan-Ming (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kassel)
Approaches to Imaginaries and Narrative Discourse:  The Identity Politics of Competing Naturalizations of Economic Integration in the Taiwan Strait

Chin Kok Fay (Graduate Institute of Political Economy, NCKU)
The Political Economy of Financial Liberalization in Taiwan

Chou Mu-Yi (Department of Social Sciences, Humboldt University of Berlin)
The CCP's Reform Strategy on the Innovative Management of Social Organizations: A Case Study on Beijing

Hsu Yu-Ling Flora (Higher Education Department of Ministry of Education, Taiwan)
Analyzing Choices of University Autonomy in Taiwan - A Case Study of Faculties' Pay

Huang Yi-Chih (Graduate Institute of East Asia Studies, NCCU)
National Policies, Industrial Structure, and Performance: a comparison of the broadcasting industry in Taiwan and South Korea, 1980~2012

Lee Claire Seungeun (Department of Sociology and Asia Research Institute, NUS)
China's International Broadcasting as a Soft Power Ma(r)ker: Its Market Formation and Audience Making

Mark Weatherall  (Institute of Political Science, NTU)
Party and Party System Institutionalization Following Democratization: Comparing South Korea and Taiwan

Sirma Altun (Department of Political Science and Public Administration, METU (Ankara))
Debating the Neoliberal Transformation in People’s Republic of China Washington Consensus and Beyond

Yu Xiao Chelsea (Department of Political Science, NUS)
Pollution as Smokescreen: Pollution-induced Contention in Liushuwan Village of Zhejiang Province