Prof. Lee Chia-Wen 李佳玟


Prof. Lee Chia-Wen 李佳玟

Home Institiution:

Department of Law, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan

Duration of Stay:

October 23 to November 22, 2017


LEE, Chia-Wen is a Professor in the Department of Law at National Cheng-Kung University in Taiwan. She received her S.J.D. (Doctor of Juridical Science) degree in the Maurer School of Law, Indiana University-Bloomington in 2003. She has taught criminal procedure, criminology, and law and society since then. Along her teaching, she is actively engaging in judicial reform, human rights movement, and rape law reform. She is now the board member of Taiwan Association of Human Rights and the Awaking Foundation. Her publications include two books, Punishment in the Neo-Liberal Order and Justice on a Tightrope: Essays on Criminal Justice, and various essays on criminal procedure, death penalty, and policies against sex crimes in law reviews.