Unless otherwise noted in the list below, the SFB1101 colloquium will always take place in lecture hall N5 (Auf der Morgenstelle 16, Hörsaalzentrum) at 13:00 o'clock. Generally, guests are cordially welcome.

Falls nicht anders in der Sprecherliste angegeben, findet das SFB1101-Kolloquium immer um 13:00 Uhr im Hörsaal N5 des Hörsaalzentrums (Auf der Morgenstelle 16) statt. Gäste sind immer herzlich willkommen.


Date Speaker Topic Host(s)
Gwyneth Ingram
TBA Andreas Schaller
Renier van der Hoorn
The apoplastic battlefield Andreas Schaller
Bert De Rybel,
Studying vascular development at singel cell resolution Laura Ragni
Emmanuelle Bayer,
CNRS Bordeaux

Staying tight: controlling plant cell-to-cell communication through plasmodesmata membrane contacts

Thomas Stanislas
Andreas Schaller,
Specificity in the maturation of peptide hormones and growth factor Klaus Harter
Antje Dietz-Pfeilstetter,
Safety assessment of genetically modified plants Farid el Kasmi
Ive de Smet,
High temperature-mediated signalling in plants Farid
El Kasmi


Date Speaker Topic Host(s)
Yvon Jaillais,
Lipid signalling in development and environmental interactions Thomas Stanislas

Tina Romeis, Halle


Regulation and function of Calcium-dependent protein kinases as decoders of calcium changes during stress signalling and development in plants Birgit Kemmerling
Cancelled - (30.3 - 1.4)  

2nd CRC 1101
Symposium Molecular Encoding of Specificity in Plant Processes


Cancelled -

Grégory Vert, Toulouse


Proteasome-independent roles of ubiquitin in plants Suayb Üstün
Cancelled - 12.3.

Ive de Smet,


The dynamic phosphoproteome during warm temperature-mediated growth in flowering plants Farid El Kasmi
Tue 18.2.
4U09, ZMBP

Kee-Hoon Sohn,


Molecular basis by which convergently evolved NLRs confer effector recognition Thomas Lahaye
4U09, ZMBP
Elwira Smakowska, Wien ROS as a Signalling Nexus in Receptor Kinases Interaction Networks Marja Timmermans
Tue 4.2.
10 am

Ernst Schäfer, Nottingham

Uncovering the hidden half of plants using advanced imaging and modelling approaches Klaus Harter
Alyona Minina, Heidelberg Debulking the myth of plant autophagy: the role of selective self-eating in plant development. Suayb Üstün



Speaker Topic


Marco Trujillo, Freiburg Protein homeostasis networks - challenges and opportunities for stressed plants Üstün / Harter
Tonni G. Andersen, Lausanne Passage cells and the outer xylem pole: an overlooked highway for root communication? Markmann
Jos Schippers, Aachen (Post-) Transcriptional regulation of the proteasome during leaf senescence Üstün / Harter
Fr 22.11.

Nicolaj Abel,Freiburg


A hetero-oligomeric group 1 remorin complex at the plasma membrane acts as a multivalent scaffold Markmann

James H. Westwood,
Virginia Tech, USA

Cuscuta campestris reveals roles for RNAs as signaling molecules in parasitic plant-host interactions Albert/ Schaller
Emmanuelle Graciet, Maynooth University, Ireland The end matters: fighting pathogens via the N-terminus Harter
Johannes Stuttmann, Universität Halle Signaling by TIR domain-containing plant immune receptors: Mysterious EDS1 gives away some of its secrets El Kasmi
Rosa Lozano-Duran, Shanghai Elucidating the multilayered viral manipulation of the host plant Thorsten Nürnberger
Sebastien Mongrand, Bordeaux Plant plasma membrane organization: leaflet asymmetry, interdigitation, domain formation, biological consequences Thorsten Nürnberger
Anja Geitmann, Canada Mastering the maze – how the plant sperm finds the egg Klaus Harter
Jacqueline Monaghan, Kanada Interplay between phosphorylation and ubiquitination in plant immune homeostasis Thomas Lahaye
18.07. York-Dieter Stierhof, Tübingen The microscopy unit at the ZMBP: Part II electron microscopy Klaus Harter
18.07. Mark Stahl, Tübingen Analytics Klaus Harter
Tue 16.7.

Thaura Ghneim Herrera,

"Transcriptome analysis using RNA-Seq reveals aluminium tolerance pathways in the wild rice species Oryza glumaepatula."

Klaus Harter
4.7. Andreas Hiltbrunner, Freiburg Mechanistic and evolutionary aspects of phytochrome-mediated light signalling Katharina Markmann
Thomas Spallek, Hohenheim "Extended phenotypes of root parasitic plants" Thomas Lahaye
Sandra Richter, Tübingen "The microscopy unit at the ZMBP – Part I: confocal laser scanning microscopy" Klaus Harter
Kenneth Berendzen, Tübingen "Using Flow Cytometry to do Plant Science" Klaus Harter
Ute Höcker, Köln "Protein ubiquitination and its role in light signaling." Claudia Oecking
Thomas Stanislas, Tübingen “The Mechanics behind Plant Development” Klaus Harter
Fr 29.3.
Niko Geldner, Lausanne "Root Damage and Immune Responses at Cellular Resolution." Gerd Jürgens


Stephane Genin, INRA Toulouse "Some Biological Mechanisms of Bacterial Wilt of Plants Caused by Ralstonia solanacearum." Thomas Lahaye
Sebastian Wolf, COS Heidelberg "Receptor-mediated signalling from the plant cell wall." Klaus Harter
Yasin Dagdas, GMI Wien "Autophagy mediated cellular quality control mechanisms in health and disease." Farid El Kasmi
Sabrina Sabatini, Sapienza Univ. Rom

"Dissecting root organogenesis."

Klaus Harter
Sigal Savaldi-Goldstein, Univ. Haifa

"The role of tissue type and environmental cues in the regulation of root growth by brassinosteroids."

Klaus Harter
Erik Schäffer, ZMBP "Cellular Nanoscience with Optical Tweezers: How Kinesin Motors Get to the Microtubule End." Klaus Harter


Suayib Üstün, ZMBP "Proteolytic degradation pathways and their role in plant immunity."

Klaus Harter








Rüdiger Simon, Düsseldorf

"How intertwined receptor kinase signalling pathways shape a meristem"

Gerd Jürgens

Laurent Noel, Toulouse "Hydathodes, enigmatic plant organs infected by vascular pathogens" Thomas Lahaye



Moritz Nowack, VIB Ghent "Things to do before you die - The regulation of developmental programmed cell death in plants"

Katharina Markmann



Regine Kahmann, MPI Marburg "From mating type loci to essential virulence determinants in smut fungi"

Thorsten Nürnberger



Thomas Ott, Freiburg "Molecular morphodynamics of symbiotic intracellular infections"

Katharina Markmann


  SFB-Retreat in Heidelberg  
Kaisa Kajala, Utrecht "Tomato root cell type development in drought and flooding" Thomas Lahaye
Georg Petschenka, Giessen "How insects coopt plant defenses: sequestration of phytotoxins as a driver of insect plant coevolution" Christopher Grefen
Nuria Sanchez Coll, Barcelona "Bacterial wilt in plants: studying Ralstonia solanacearum virulence mechanisms and plant defense strategies" Farid El Kasmi
5.7. Antonio Di Pietro, Cordoba "Dynamics of host adaptation in the fungal pathogen Fusarium oxysporum" Georg Felix
Li-Jia Qu, Peking "To explode or not to explode, that might not be a big question for pollen tubes now" Thorsten Nürnberger
7.6. Marcel Wiermer, Göttingen "Terrific traffic: nucleocytoplasmic signaling in plant immunity" Markus Albert, Christopher Grefen
17.5. Christian Ungermann, Osnabrück

"Insights into the molecular mechanisms of endosomal maturation and fusion with vacuoles"

Gerd Jürgens
3.5. Jürgen Kleine-Vehn, Boku Wien

"Plant Growth Regulation at Subcellular, Tissue and Organ Scale"

Christopher Grefen

19.4. Dugald Reid, Aarhus "Phytohormone regulation of symbiotic infection and nodule organogenesis" Katherina Markmann


Sven Gould, Düsseldorf "From the origin of life to protein targeting in Chlamydomonas: when bioenergetic membranes make the call" Christopher Grefen
22.3. Luz Irina A. Calderón Villalobos, Halle "The making-of a Ubiquitin Code: ensuring transmission of the auxin signal"

Claudia Oecking

Wed 14.3.
Room 4U09

Baptiste Castel, Norwich

"Natural and CRISPR-induced genetic variation for plant immunity"

Farid El Kasmi,
Klaus Harter

8.3. Georg Groth, Düsseldorf

"Modulation of protein-protein interactions and application of selective ligands for control of protein activities in catalytic and signaling networks"

Klaus Harter
22.2. Silke Robatzek,

Norwich (UK)

"How membrane trafficking works plant immunity"

Eric Kemen, Thorsten Nürnberger

8.2., 9:00 RegioPlantScience Meeting Lecture hall N10, Morgenstelle 3  
18.1. Antia RODRIGUES-VILLALON, Zürich (CH) "Phosphoinositides across the cell landscape: from endocytosis to vascular differentiation" Laura Ragni, Klaus Harter
11.1. Rita Gross-Hardt, Bremen (DE) "Building and bypassing plant polyspermy barriers" Gerd Juergen







14.12. Michael HOTHORN,
University of Geneva, Geneva (CH)
"Plant signal transduction: from atoms to phenotypes and back" Klaus Harter
07.12. Michael SAUER,
University of Potsdam, Potsdam (DE)
"ENTH Proteins in Arabidopsis vesicular transport" Martin Bayer
30.11. Roman ULM,
University of Geneva, Geneva (CH)
"Seeing the invisible - perception and signalling of UV-B radiation" Klaus Harter
16.11. Arp SCHNITTGER,
Universität Hamburg, Hamburg (DE)
"Regulation of the spindle checkpoint in plants - a gateway to polyploidization and genome evolution in plants" Gerd Jürgens
09.11. Nico DISSMEYER,
Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Halle (Saale) (DE)
"Life and death of proteins after protease cleavage: protein degradation by the N-end rule pathway" Christopher Grefen, Klaus Harter
19.10. Marco TRUJILLO,
Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Halle (Saale) (DE)
"Ubiquitination at the crossroads between vesicle trafficking and immune signalling" Christopher Grefen, Klaus Harter
05.10. Jan HEJÁTKO,
Central European Institute of Technology, Brno (CZ)
"Who’s Talking? Signal Integration and Signaling Specificity in Plants" Klaus Harter
14.09. Volker LIPKA,
Georg-August-University of Goettingen, Göttingen (DE)
"Live and Let Die or Live and Let Live - Interactions of Arabidopsis with fungal pathogens" Christopher Grefen, Klaus Harter
10.08. Dominique GAGLIARDI,
University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg (FR)
"mRNA uridylation and decay" Andreas Wachter
27.07. Suayib ÜSTÜN,
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala (SE)
"How pathogens manipulate degradation pathways: Crosstalk between autophagy and proteasome during plant immunity" Thomas Lahaye, Klaus Harter
TU Munich, Freising-Weihenstephan (DE)
"PIN-ning down the function of D6 PROTEIN KINASES in auxin-dependent plant development" Gerd Jürgens
08.06. Phil WIGGE,
The Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge (UK)
"Temperature sensing in plants" Klaus Harter
01.06. Clint WHIPPLE,
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT (US)
"Patterning an inflorenscence: branches, bracts and boundaries" Marja Timmermans, Klaus Harter
18.05. Stephan WENKEL
University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen (DK)
"Function(s) of microProteins in plant development" Thomas Lahaye, Klaus Harter
04.05. Caroline GUTJAHR
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich (DE)
"Arbuscular mycorrhiza development" Christopher Grefen, Klaus Harter
MPI of Molecular Plant Physiology, Potsdam-Golm (DE)
"Mechano-Chemical basis of cell and tissue level morphogenesis" Christopher Grefen, Sabine Müller
20.04. Matyas FENDRYCH
IST Austria, Klosterneuburg (AT)
"Regulation of cellular expansion by auxin - the opposite reaction of roots and shoots" Klaus Harter
05.04. Ildoo HWANG
POSTECH Biotech Center, Pohang (KR)
"Epistructural control on RNA G-rich element specifies phloem differentiation"
Wednesday, Lecture hall N1, Auf der Morgenstelle 16, 13:00
Klaus Harter
30.03. Niko GELDNER
University of Lausanne, Lausanne (CH)
"Controlling influx, allowing exchange - how plant roots build their barriers" Gerd Jürgens
23.03. Frank VAN BREUSEGEM
Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie, Gent (BE)
"The oxidative stress response in plants. Towards the proteome and beyond"
Lecture hall N2, Auf der Morgenstelle 16
Thomas Lahaye, Klaus Harter
09.03. Richard STRASSER
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (AT)
"Plant N-glycans: biosynthesis, signals and function" Gerd Jürgens
09.02. Ulrich HAMMES
Regensburg University, Regensburg (DE)
"PINning down auxin transport - its regulation and biochemical properties" Klaus Harter
12.01. Blanche SCHWAPPACH
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Göttingen (DE)
"Mice lacking WRB reveal differential targeting requirements of tail-anchored proteins in vivo" Christopher Grefen, Claudia Oecking






Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin (DE)
"Organellar small RNAs - Regulators or junk?" Sascha Laubinger
01.12. Debora GASPERINI
Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Halle (Saale) (DE)
"At the root of jasmonate signalling" Gabriel Schaaf
24.11. Bruce MORGAN
TU Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern (DE)
"Shedding light on cellular redox processes with genetically-encoded fluorescent sensors" Thomas Lahaye
17.11. Volker LIPKA
Georg-August-University Goettingen, Göttingen (DE)
TALK CANCELLED Christopher Grefen, Thorsten Nürnberger
10.11. Jonas RIES
EMBL Heidelberg, Heidelberg (DE)
"Towards structural cell biology with super-resolution microscopy" Klaus Harter
27.10. Simona RADUTOIU
Aarhus University, Aarhus (DK)
"Interactions at the root-soil interface and how Lotus japonicus ensures association with benetifcial microbes" Thorsten Nürnberger
25.10. Thomas HARTWIG
Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford, CA (US)
„Hybrid-assisted allele-specific ChlP-Seq: Functional analysis of genetic variation of the brassinosteroid cis-regulatory network in maize”
Tuesday, Room 4U09, Auf der Morgenstelle 32 (ZMBP), 13:00
Klaus Harter
20.10. John RUNIONS
Oxford Brookes University, Oxford (UK)
"Molecular interactions at the plant cell surface" Christopher Grefen, Klaus Harter
22.09. Joop VERMEER
University of Zürich, Zürich (CH)

"Cell volume regulation during lateral root formation"
Christopher Grefen, Klaus Harter
15.09. Wolf FROMMER
Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford, CA (US)
"Sugar translocation in crop plants: from atomic structures to biotech applications"
Lecture hall N1, Auf der Morgenstelle 16, 11:00
Detlef Weigel
15.09. Panagiotis MOSCHOU
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala (SE)
"Functional degradomes at the interface between development and defense"
Lecture hall N1, Auf der Morgenstelle 16, 14:00
Erik Schäffer
05.09. Liwen JIANG
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (HK)
"Protein Trafficking and Organelle Biogenesis in the Plant Endomembrane System: An Update"
Monday, Lecture hall N11, Auf der Morgenstelle 3, 13:00
Peter Pimpl
14.07. Sabine ZACHGO
University of Osnabrück, Osnabrück (DE)
"ROXYs: Comparative analysis of plant-specific glutaredoxin functions in flower development and in the moss Marchantia" Klaus Harter
07.07. Kirsten BOMBLIES
John Innes Centre, Norwich (UK)
"Adaptive evolution of meiosis driven by genome duplication and climate" Detlef Weigel
30.06. Bianka STEFFENS
Philipps-Universität Marburg, Marburg (DE)
"Auxin binding protein 1 is not a red herring" Klaus Harter
23.06. Heribert HIRT
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal (SA)
"Kinases, stomates and microbes: Multiple ways to improve abiotic stress resistance of plants"
Thorsten Nürnberger
23.06. Xinnian DONG
Duke University, Durham, NC (US)
"Live and let die: a defense strategy in plants"
Thorsten Nürnberger
14.06. Justus WESSELER
Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen (NL)
"The Welfare Implications of Regulatory Delays in Approval of Genetically Engineered Crops" Klaus Harter
09.06. Dolf WEIJERS
Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen (NL)
"The structural and evolutionary basis of specificity in auxin action" Gerd Jürgens
02.06. Joe HOWARD
Yale University, New Haven, CT (US)
"Movement of Cilia and Flagella Driven by Coordinated Molecular Motors" Erik Schäffer
19.05. Moussa BENHAMED
Institute of Plant Sciences Paris-Saclay, Orsay (FR)
"Role of chromatin modifiers in plant stress and development" Chang Liu, Klaus Harter
18.05. John WARD
University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN (US)
"Using Marchantia polymorpha to study the evolution of plant transporter gene families"
Wednesday, Room 4U19, Auf der Morgenstelle 32 (ZMBP)
Gabriel Schaaf
28.04. Martin GROTH
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA (US)
"Metabolic control of DNA methylation in Arabidopsis" Detlef Weigel
27.04. Stephen SHEARS
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC (US)
"Inositol pyrophosphates comprise the most crowded three-dimensional array of phosphates in Nature. Why?"
Wednesday, Room 4U19, Auf der Morgenstelle 32 (ZMBP)
Gabriel Schaaf
21.04. Philippe REYMOND
University of Lausanne, Lausanne (CH)
"Arabidopsis and insect eggs: who is winning?" Thorsten Nürnberger
17.03. Andreas WEBER
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf (DE)
"Evolution and function of C4 photosynthesis" Gerd Jürgens
10.03. Sebastian SCHORNACK
University of Cambridge, Cambridge (UK)
"Plant colonisation by filamentous microbes" Klaus Harter, Thomas Lahaye
25.02. Stefanie RANF
TU München, Freising-Weihenstephan (DE)
"Specificity of LORE-dependent LPS immune sensing in Arabidopsis." Klaus Harter
11.02. Frank JOHANNES
TU München, Freising-Weihenstephan (DE)
"Rate of Spontaneous Epimutations in A. thaliana: Facts and Prospects" Sascha Laubinger
University of Bern, Bern (CH)
"From Image to Model and back" Klaus Harter, Laura Ragni
Utrecht University, Utrecht (NL)
"Activation and suppression of host immunity during downy mildew infection of plants" Thorsten Nürnberger







03.12. Marja TIMMERMANS, ZMBP University of Tübingen "Small RNAs as morphogen-like signals in the patterning of leaves" Klaus Harter
26.11. Yvon JAILLAIS, ENS Lyon "A PI4P-driven electrostatic field controls plasma membrane identity and signaling in plants" Gabriel Schaaf
05.11. GuidoGROSSMANN, Universität Heidelberg "Tête-à-tête between plant cells – cell-cell communication during fertilization and environmental sensing" Christopher Grefen
29.10. Michael LENHARD, University Potsdam "Evolution of plant organ-size control: Of barley leaves and Capsella flowers" Andreas Wachter
Uta PASZKOWSKI, University of Cambridge "Molecular genetics of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis: novel insights from cereals"
Room 4U09, Auf der Morgenstelle 32 (ZMBP)
Gerd Jürgens
15.10. Frederic BERGER, GMI Vienna "Back to basics: Core Histone variants control genome activity and chromatin architecture" Gerd Jürgens
08.10. Van Damme "The TPLATE complex drives clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plants"
Raum N1, Hörsaalzentrum
01.10. Thomas Dresselhaus, Regensburg "Peptide signaling along the pollen tube journey"
Raum N1, Hörsaalzentrum
18.09. Kirsten KRAUSE, The Arctic University of Norway "Parasitic plant-host plant interactions: the battle at the interface"
11:00 AM
Albers, Felix
17.09. Angela Hancock Adaptation to the environment in Arabidopsis Thaliana Weigel
06.08. Margret Sauter, Universität Kiel "Phytosulfokine peptide signaling of growth" Harter
23.07. Peter Westhoff, Düsseldorf "Evolution of C4 Photosynthesis - Lessons for Engineering Photosynthetic Efficiency" Jürgens
16.07. Waltraud Schulze, Hohenheim "The Arabidopsis Kinome: Insights into functional diversification of protein kinases in plants" Oecking
02.07. Laura Ragni, Tübingen "Small but thick: the Arabidopsis hypocotyl as a model to study periderm development" Ragni
25.06. Steffen Abel, Halle "Phosphate Sensing in Root Meristems" Nürnberger
18.06. Adolfo Saiardi (University College London) "Inositol Pyrophosphates: new techniques to reveal original signalling paradigms" Schaaf
11.06. Oliver Bossdorf, Tübingen "Increased environmental variability affects plants, biotic interactions and biodiversity" Harter
Wed 03.06 Mads Eggert Nielsen, Univ. of Copenhagen "Did plants co-opt the cell plate machinery to resist fungal attacks?"
Raum 4U09, Morgenstelle 32
21.05. Miguel, Célia, Portugal "Proper xylem development requires a tight control of thermospermine levels"
Morgenstelle 16, N3
Ragni, Harter
07.05. Jijie Chai, Tsinhua University in Peking "Structural insights into the activation of plant receptor kinases" Nürnberger
30.04. Christopher Grefen,Tübingen "Breaking and Entering: The GET pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana" Grefen
23.04. Annette Niehl, Basel "Viral subversion of host macromolecular transport pathways and antiviral defense mechanisms in plants" Felix
14.04. Sónia Gonçalves, CEBAL, Beja "A molecular approach to cork formation" Ragni, Harter
09.04. Dietmar Funck, Uni Konstanz "Regulated mRNA-processing: natural and artificial" Schaaf
26.03. Nico Geldner, Uni Lausanne "The endodermis - a tale of two cell types” Jürgens
23.03. Elias Bassil, Davis, USA "Ion Homeostasis in plant growth, development and
responses to stress"
19.03. Erik Nielsen, Uni Michigan "A role for the Rab GTPase, RabA4b, in regulation of plant defense responses" Jürgens
12.03. Isabel Bäurle, Uni Potsdam "Genetic and molecular analysis of the responses to recurring heat stress" Harter
06.03. Aashish Ranja, University of California, Davies "Transcriptomic insights into the structure and function of a parasitic angiosperm and a unicellular alga" Laubinger, Albert
05.03. Ute Höcker, University of Cologne "Cross talk between auxin and light in the differentiation of stomata and photomorphogenesis” Laubinger
26.02. Hiltbrunner Andreas, Freiburg "Molecular Mechanisms of Phytochrome Signalling" Harter
19.02. Yunde Zhao,University of California San Diego,La Jolla "Ribozyme-based CRISPR technology and its applications in auxin biology" Lahaye
12.02. Markus Schwarzländer, Uni Bonn "In vivo Imaging of Mitochondrial Energy Physiology and Regulation in Plants" Grefen
05.02. Dröge-Laser, Uni Würzburg "Energy supply and auxin-controlled plant growth: Is there a molecular link?" Harter
03.02. Ralf Seidel, Münster "Single-molecule insights into the target recognition by Type I CRISPR-Cas surveillance complexes" Schäfer
29.01. Morton Petersen, Kopenhagen "Innate immune components and autoimmunity" Kemmerling
22.01. Gordon Simpson, Dundee "RNA – What is the message?" Laubinger
15.01. Forchhammer, Karl, Tübingen "PII signaling proteins in green plants monitor the chloroplast glutamine status"



Datum Sprecher/in Thema
04.12.2014 Markus Teige, University of Vienee "Phosphorylation of a bZIP transcription factor triggers metabolic reprogramming in acclimation to low energy stress"
27.11.2014 Piers Hemsley, University of Dundee "Greasing the mechanisms of plant growth, defense and development - protein palmitoylation in plants"
13.11.2014 Christa Testerink, University of Amsterdam "Take it or leave it: Underground strategies plants use to avoid salinity stress"
10.11.2014 Stefan Tresch, Global Herbicide Research, BASF SE, Limburgerhof "Strategies to identify the mode of action of phytotoxic compounds" at 1pm, seminar room 4U09 (Auf der Morgenstelle 32)
23.10.2014 Rainer Hedrich, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg "The Secret Life of a green flesh-eater (Venus flytrap)"
16.10.2014 Jian-Min Zhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing "Bacterial effectors and new insights in plant immunity"
07.10.2014 Matthieu Joosten, University of Wageningen "Identification of the Missing Link in Receptor-Like Protein Signalling" lecture hall N2 (Hörsaalzentrum, Morgenstelle 16)
23.09.2014 Ursula Kummer, COS, University Heidelberg "Analysing signal transduction pathways via computational modeling" 1pm, room 4U09, ZMBP
17.09.2014 Christof Gebhardt, Universität Ulm "Refleted Light Sheet Miroscopy for Single-Molecule Imaging and Quantification in the Cell Nucleus"
15.09.2014 Liwen Jiang, School of Life Sciences, The Chinese Univerity of Hong Kong "Biogenesis of the Plant Prevacuolar Compartment"
07.08.2014 Marcus Heisler, EMBL Heidelberg "Adaxial-abaxial boundaries regulate plant morphogenesis"
24.07.2014 Benjamin Schwessinger, University of California, Davis, USA "Correcting the scientific literature: A case study on the function of the rice immune receptor XA21" Today at lecture hall N1
17.07.2014 Farid el Kasmi Univerity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA "25 Years Dangl-lab - News from RPM1, other NLRs and soil borne microbes"
15.07.2014 Farid el Kasmi Univerity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA "Plant-microbe interaction: Recent developments in plant defense" This colloquium is especially for students and Ph.D. students of Plant Science and takes place at 1:00 pm Room 4U09, Auf der Morgenstelle 32 (ZMBP).
10.07.2014 Thorsten Hamann, University of Trondheim, Norway "The role of plant cell wall integrity maintenance in biotic stress response and development" (host: Gerd Jürgens)
04.07.2014 Junpei Takano, Hokkaido Univerity, Japan "Polar localization and boron-dependent vacuolar trafficking of boric acid/borate transporters in Arabidopsis thaliana"
03.07.2014 Ingo Heilmann, Uni Halle-Wittenberg "Lipids that polarize: Control of PIN-trafficking by phosphoinositides in Arabidopsis" (host: Klaus Harter)Control of PIN-trafficking by phosphoinositides in Arabidopsis" (host: Klaus Harter)
12.06.2014 Laurent Zimmerli, Taiwan "Novel regulatory mechanisms of Arabidopsis pattern-triggered immunity"
05.06.2014 Marc Schetelig, Uni Giessen "Environment-friendly plant protection and insect pest control" (host: Christopher Grefen)
08.05.2014 Klaus Grasser, Regensburg "The role of transcript elongation factors in Arabidopsis development"
24.04.2014 Ronald Pierik, Utrecht "Integrating light signal dynamics in dense stands; a mechanism to evaluate competitive treat of neighbors"
10.04.2014 Christian Hardtke, Lausanne "A molecular genetic framework for protophloem formatin and differentiation"