Projects within the SFB 766

Project Titel Research area Head of Project


Bacterial Cell Envelope: Synthesis, Structures and Functions


Control and Activity of the Streptomyces Spore Wall Synthesizing Complex (SSSC)

Microbiology, Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wohlleben,
Dr. Günther Muth,
IMIT - Microbiology/ Biotechnology

A03 Self-resistance mechanisms of actinomycetes producing antibiotics targeting peptidoglycan biosynthesis

Genetics and Biochemistry of Secondary- Metabolites- Syntheses

PD Dr. Efthimia Stegmann, IMIT - Microbiology/ Biotechnology

Excretion of cytoplasmic proteins (ECP) in Staphylococcus

Microbiology, Molecular biology, Physiology

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Götz, IMIT - Microbial Genetics


Bistable expression of secondary cell wall glycopolymer biosynthesis genes: underlying mechanism and impact on virulence

Microbiology, Infectious disease Prof. Dr. Christiane Wolz, Dr. Christopher Weidenmaier, IMIT - Medical Microbiology and Hygiene
A08 Phospholipid synthesis and translocation by bacterial UPF0104 proteins Infection Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Prof. Dr. Andreas Peschel, IMIT - Medical Microbiology and Hygiene
A11 Structure and biogenesis of cell-cell junctions in multicellular cyanobacteria Microbiology, Cell differentiation Prof. Dr. K. Forchhammer, PD Dr. Iris Maldener, IMIT - Microbiology/ Organismic Interactions
A12 Cell-wall associated enzyme inhibitors of MraY and SPase: Mode of action studies Microbiology, Biological Chemistry

PD Dr. Bertolt Gust; Prof. Dr. Stephanie Grond,

Pharmazeutische Biologie/ Organische Chemie

A13 Elucidation of the unique conjugative DNA-translocation machinery of mycelial streptomycetes by biochemical analysis and real time imaging Microbiology, Cell biology, Biochemistry

Dr. G. Muth

IMIT - Microbiology/Biotechnology

A15 Turnover and recycling of the peptidoglycan-teichoic acid complex of Gram-positive cell wall Bacterial physiology, Cell wall catabolism

PD. Dr. Ch. Mayer,

IMIT - Microbiology/Biotechnology

A16 The role of Type I Secretion Systems (T1SS) in formation of the heterocyst specific cell wall Microbiology, Cell differentiation PD Dr. Iris Maldener, IMIT - Microbiology/ Organismic Interactions
A17 Spatiotemporal organization of peptidoglycan synthesis and cell division Microbiology, Cell envelope organization Prof. Dr. Heike Brötz-Oesterhelt, IMIT - Microbial Bioactive Compounds



B01 Biogenesis of autotransporter adhesins of enteropathogenic Gram-negative bacteria Infection Biology, Microbial pathogenesis, Molecular Biology

Dr. Monika Schütz, IMIT - Medical Microbiology and Hygiene


Structure and evolution of protein fibers at the bacterial cell surface


Structural Biology, Bioinformatics

Prof. Dr. Andrei Lupas,
Dr. B. Hernandez Alvarez, Max-Planck-Institute for Development Biology


Bacterial effector-mediated interference with PGN-perception in plants

Inter-organismic Interactions of Plants, Microbiology

Dr. Andrea Gust. Center for Molecular Biology of Plants, Biochemistry of Plants


Transmembrane Signaling in Bacterial Adenylate Cyclases

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. J. Schultz, Pharmaceutical Biochemiestry

B11 Biogenesis of outer membrane proteins in evolutionary context Microbiology, Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. D. Rapaport, IFIB - Biochemie

B16 Mechanisms governing polar localization and assembly of the host cell targeting type VI secretion system Bacterial cell physiology and virulence Dr. Sandra Schwarz, IMIT - Medical Microbiology and Hygiene
B14 Analysis of the assembly of bacterial type III secretion systems Medical Microbiology, Biochemistry
Dr. Samuel Wagner, IMIT - Medical Microbiology and Hygiene
B15 Analysis of adherence mechanisms to host cells promoting T3SS-mediated toxin injection Host-pathogen-interactions

Prof. Dr. med. Ingo Birger Autenrieth, IMIT - Medical Microbiology and Hygiene

Dr. Filipp Oesterhelt, IMIT - Microbial Bioactive Compounds


Central Functions

Z01 Coordination/Administration

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wohlleben, IMIT - Microbiology/ Biotechnology


Structural Analysis of Cell Wall Protein Components

Protein Biochemistry,Structural Biology

Protein/Proteome Analysis

Prof. Dr. T. Stehle, IFIB - Biochemie

Prof. Dr. B. Macek, Proteom Centrum Tübingen