T-IES Winter School 2024

Fees & Expenses

Program Fee

The program fee is € 1,800 and includes:

 Please note: The T-IES programs are not subject to the amendments to tuition fees for non-EU students in Baden-Württemberg.

Additional Expenses

The following expenses are not included in the program fee and have to be covered by the participant:

How much does it cost to live in Germany?

The estimated average monthly expenses for meals and beverages are 150-200 EUR (depending on eating out or cooking). The average price for lunch in the student restaurant is 3.50 EUR. Accommodation, all excursions as well as a public transportation ticket for Tübingen is included in the program fee. 

More information on the cost of living in Germany as well as an overview of prices for food, clothing, cultural events, etc. are provided by the DAAD and the Deutsches Studentwerk: