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TÜ-VIP MINIs is for (international) Master students who are coming to study in Tübingen and to those degree-seeking students who are not yet sure, which German university they should ultimately choose.

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We understand that arriving at a new university is not the first step. First, you have to decide where to go. And once you've decided, you're going to have some questions! TÜ-VIP MINIs is a 5-day online program in June which offers you various 60-minute insights (= "Minis") into and different perspectives on Tübingen and its' university. Each session focuses on one aspect of student life in Tübingen:

  • Speak directly with university staff and advisors from your degree programmes who will present their subjects and give information about university bureaucracy and administration.
  • Meet Tübingen student buddies who will show you their everyday lives at the university, in town, in their free-time etc. and you can ask them anything you'd like to know about being a student in Tübingen.
  • Insight Tübingen University: Things you need to know and things you want to know about the university itself - its culture, staff, values, facts, traditions, and innovations.
  • Survival German: Learn German for your first few days in Tübingen! It's such a beautiful language!
  • An incredible Virtual City Tour: Why is Tübingen so special? Tübingen is green, Tübingen is safe, Tübingen is fun! It's also full of history and famous personalities... here are some places and people we'd like to introduce to you.
  • Germany today: What topics are people in Germany talking about these days? Current political, social, ecological and cultural questions and debates.

Why Tübingen of all places and not Berlin, Hamburg, Munich...? 

You have applied for a place at several universities, including Tübingen. If you are lucky, you might have to make a choice! So which university do you choose?

TÜ-VIP MINIs is here to help you to get to know the university and the city of Tübingen, so that your decision (for Tübingen) will be easier.

But I don't know Tübingen...

That's okay! If you can imagine doing your Master's abroad, TÜ-VIP has Tübingen students ready to show you our university, to answer your questions and to help you decide!

I've decided. I've applied. I've been accepted! I'm coming to study in Tübingen...

Great! Once you have been admitted, you can now get a taste of what is to come!

Did you miss the last TÜ-VIP MINIs? 

Don't worry, we have you covered! There are many more great offers here!