CAMPOS International Conference 2020

"Turnover of Diffuse Pollutants on the Catchment Scale"

Due to corona crisis the conference was cancelled (--> original conference program) .

A virtuel poster session of the CAMPOS Conference was launched (--> list of posters).

On 23-25 March 2020 CAMPOS will host the International Conference "Turnover of Diffuse Pollutants on the Catchment Scale".

The conference contributes to the key research issues concerning pollutant transport and turnover on the catchment scale, as well as long-term water quality under changing conditions. One-hour keynote lectures by invited speakers and two intense poster sessions are scheduled.

The three-day conference covers the following major topics:

  • Catchments Scale Processes & Environmental Monitoring
  • (Upcoming) Pollutants, Microbial Processes & Risks
  • New Modeling Concepts, Model Uncertainty & Big Data 

The conference will be organized by the Collaborative Research Center 1253 CAMPOS "Catchments as Reactors" - funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Conference Venue:
GUZ - Geo- und Umweltzentrum, University of Tübingen, Schnarrenbergstraße 94-96, 72076 Tübingen