CAMPOS International Conference 2020

Virtual Poster Session

(of posters to be presented at the conference)

(1)  CRC 1253 CAMPOS - Catchments as Reactors: Metabolism of Pollutants on the Landscape Scale (P. Grathwohl, O.A. Cirpka, P. Dietrich, M. Elsner, B. Escher, J.H. Fleckenstein, C. Griebler, S.B. Haderlein, C. Huhn, E. Kandeler, A. Kappler, S. Kleindienst, C. Leven, T. Lüders, W. Nowak, H. Pagel, C. Poll, M. Schwientek, T. Streck, T. Walter, C. Zarfl, C. Zwiener)

(2) Managing collaborative research data for integrated, interdisciplinary environmental research (M. Finkel, A. Baur, T. Weber, K. Osenbrück, H. Rügner, C. Leven, M. Schwientek, J. Schlögl, U. Hahn, T. Streck, O.A. Cirpka, T. Walter, P. Grathwohl)

(3) Basic Modeling and Data Services (O.A. Cirpka, T. Streck, M. Finkel)

(4) Analyzing particle‐associated pollutant transport to identify particle exchange processes during a high flow event (C Glaser, C. Zarfl, H. Rügner, A. Lewis, M. Schwientek)

(5) Dynamics of mixture effects and causative chemicals during rain events in rivers in agricultural and urban areas (C. Zarfl, C. Adolphi, N. Best, R. Degenhardt, L. Glauch, M. König, R. Schlichtin, M. Schwientek, M. Werneburg, C. Zwiener, B. Escher)

(6) Fate and Effects of Agricultural and Urban Organic Pollutants in a Small River Catchment (C. Zarfl, C. Glaser, M. Müller, M. Werneburg, M. Schwientek, C. Zwiener, B. Escher), C. Zarfl, B. Escher, C. Zwiener)

(7) Pollutants redistribution in heterogeneous system and data calibration with Semi-Laplace solution (B. Liu, P. Grathwohl)

(8) Dynamics in Phosphorus Pools in Soils and Sediments along the Land-Freshwater Continuum of Agricultural Catchments (C. Nagel, W. Shao, N. Wendenburg, P. Grathwohl, Y. Oelmann, H. Neidhardt)

(9) Deciphering microbial ecology of nitrogen cycling in sediments of non-perennial stream Mühlbach (Z. Wang, Ó. Jiménez Fernández, D. Straub, K. Osenbrück, M. Schwientek, T. Lüders)

(10) Occurrence of Organic Micropollutants in the Schönbrunnen Sub-catchment and its Implication for Higher Order Streams (D. Glöckler, R. Bakkour, M. Müller, M. Werneburg, C. Zwiener, M. Elsner)

(11) Development of Rapid and Sensitive Isotope Analysis of δ15N and δ18O to Decipher Sources and Turnover of Nitrate in the Ammer Catchment (D. Glöckler, R. Bakkour, Ó. Jiménez Fernández, M. Schwientek, K. Osenbrück, M. Elsner)

(12) Selective Extraction of Pesticides from Surface Water for Carbon Isotope Analysis using Crosslinked Cyclodextrin Polymers (D. Glöckler, R. Bakkour, C. Wabnitz, M. Elsner)

(13) Detection of High-Organic-Carbon Features in Sediments by Direct-Push Color Logging (S. Klingler, U. Werban, C. Leven, P. Dietrich, O.A. Cirpka)

(14) Structural Controls on the Hydrogeological Functioning of a Floodplain (S. Martin, S. Klingler,   C. Leven, O.A. Cirpka)

(15) Joint Optimization of Measurement and Modeling Strategies with Application to Radial Flow in Stratified Aquifers (R. Maier, A. Gonzalez-Nicolas, C. Leven, W. Nowak, O.A. Cirpka)

(16) Biogeochemical Transformation of Phosphorus between the Groundwater and Sediments in Floodplain Aquifers (W. Shao, H. Neidhardt, S. Martin, C. Nagel, Y. Li, P. Grathwohl, Y. Oelmann)

(17) Environmental fate of glyphosate analyzed by CE-MS (B. Wimmer, J. Schlögl, M. Schwientek, A. Langarica-Fuentes, J. Wirsching, E. Kandeler, S. Kleindienst, S. Haderlein, C. Huhn)

(18) Dynamics of redox potential and nutrient turnover in dry floodplain soils during a simulated rain fall event (J. Schlögl, L. Cramaro, C. Griebler, S.B. Haderlein)

(19) Spatial-temporal dynamics of microbial communities in floodplain sediments: Irrigation experiment 2019 (L. Cramaro, C. Griebler)

(20) Denitrification potential and occurrence of reactive minerals in the fractured carbonate aquifer of the Upper Muschelkalk, SW-Germany (E. Blendinger, H. Rügner, K. Osenbrück, N. Jakus, P. Grathwohl)

(21) Traveltime-based modelling of nitrate reduction in a pyrite- and siderite-bearing fractured micritic limestone aquifer (E. Petrova, E. Kortunov, M. Finkel, U. Mayer, P. Grathwohl)

(22) Insights into mechanisms of nitrate-dependent iron (II) oxidation in an autotrophic enrichment culture isolated from a pyrite-rich limestone aquifer (N. Jakus, N. Blackwell, D. Straub, J.M. Byrne, C. Höschen, T. Bayer, Z. Zhou, K. Osenbrück, C. W. Müller, P. Grathwohl, S. Kleindienst, A. Kappler)

(23) In situ pesticide monitoring in seepage water and soil (J. Meierdierks, M. Lesch, T. Streck, P. Grathwohl)

(24) The initial concentration as a superordinate mechanism controls the degradation kinetics and metabolic conversion of pesticides in soils (J. Wirsching, H. Pagel, F. Ditterich, M. Werneburg, M. Uksa, L. Chavez Rodriguez, M. Lesch, E. Kandeler, C. Poll)

(25) Spatial controls of microbial pesticide degradation in soil – A model-based scenario analysis  (E. Schwarz, S. Khurana, L. Chavez Rodriguez, T. Streck, M. Thullner, H. Pagel)

(27) From Chemostat/Retentostat to Soil: Modeling bioavailability limitations on atrazine degradation (L. Chavez Rodriguez, H. Pagel, T. Streck, B. Ingalls)

(28) Crop model predictions: The impact of environment-dependent parameters (M. Viswanathan, T.K.D. Weber, S. Gayler, J. Mai, T. Streck)

(29) Does it pay off to link functional gene expression to denitrification rates via modelling? (A. Störiko, H. Pagel, O.A. Cirpka)

(31) Postprocessing of Standard Finite-Element Velocity Fields and Semi-Analytical Particle Tracking Applied to Variably Saturated Flow in Porous Media (P. Selzer, C.P. Haslauer, R. Therrien, O.A. Cirpka)

(32) Characterization of the catchment regime by applying optimal design of experiments (A. Gonzalez-Nicolas, W. Nowak, M. Sinsbeck, M. Schwientek)

(33) A Stochastic Framework to Optimize the Monitoring Strategy for the Delineation of a Groundwater Divide (J. Allgeier, A. González-Nicolas, D. Erdal, W. Nowak, O.A. Cirpka)

(35) Influence of oscillating vegetation cover and precipitation on catchment erosion and sedimentation: Insights from a landscape evolution model (Hemanti Sharma, T.A Ehlers, Ch. Glotzbach, M. Schmid)