What does it take to be a leader?

The Startup:Yourself – Leadership Talent Academy (LTA) helps students and researchers to find out whether they are leaders and provides them with valuable qualifications for a future leadership role in science, industry or as an entrepreneur.

The first batch of the Startup:Yourself - Leadership Talent Academy got off to a great start the weekend 15 - 17 March 2024. On Friday, a group of 20 highly motivated young talents embarked on their journey into leadership. The first evening was all about getting to know each other, meeting the coaches and setting the right mood for the weekend. Coach and trainer Tim Vogt contributed with his TIMpulse by motivating everyone to be brave for this journey.   

On the following two days, the group had an intensive workshop with Simone Ramelsberger. In a mixture of lecture and group work, the participants deep-dived into the topics Self-Leadership & Entrepreneurship as well as Leadership & Purpose.

Here are some key learnings in a nutshell:

  • To be a good leader, you have to know where you stand yourself. Therefore, you need to analyze your strengths and values. (Value square tool)
  • There is a fixed and a growth mindset (Carol Dweck): being aware that you have shares of both can help you to grow.
  • Coach, manager, expert and leader – these are the four roles that need to balanced in leadership.
  • An analysis of the surrounding (Cynefin Framework) helps to decide which role fits best in which environment.
  • Listening is key for leading!

In the next modules in April and June, the participants will deal with the topics Impact, Innovation, People Leadership and Strategy & Change. The journey will go on! Thanks a lot to the participants, coaches and lecturers as well as the Karl Schlecht Stiftung for making this possible! 


The Startup:Yourself – Leadership Talent Academy (LTA) 
The University of Tübingen awards 20 scholarships for the LTA program supported by the Karl Schlecht Stiftung (KSG). The LTA is held twice per year. In workshops and individual coaching sessions, the program focuses on personal strengths, people and leadership skills. After successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate. Batch#2 will take place September, October and November 2024. We are very much looking forward to receiving your application! More info and a link to the application form: