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Daimler and Benz Foundation: “Ladenburg Roundtable”

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According to its Statutes, the purpose of the Daimler and Benz Foundation is “to promote science and research in order to gain a better understanding of the interrelations between humans, the environment, and technology”. Since these interdependencies are complex and dynamic, their understanding calls for scientifically founded expert reflection in order to establish a basis for targeted research activities.

1. Motivation
With its “Ladenburg Roundtable” conference format, the Daimler and Benz Foundation offers a free space for interdisciplinary reflection on research topics of scientific and social relevance. The Foundation makes a venue on its premises available where scientists and experts from practical disciplines can discuss a freely chosen, interdisciplinary topic of research with an open outcome. 
The roundtables are open to all disciplines and have no fixed expectations on the part of the Foundation regarding an outcome. A Ladenburg Roundtable can conclude with a publication, for example, or give rise to a more extensive research project with an application to another research-funding organization. The results of a Ladenburg Roundtable are published in the Annual Report and on the website of the Foundation. 

2. Procedure
In consultation with the applicant, a conference can be of one to two days’ duration. The structure of the program and selection of participants are the responsibility of the applicant, who in case of approval also functions as Scientific Manager of the Ladenburg Roundtable. Depending on the topic, the Foundation may invite members of the Board of Trustees to attend the conference; representatives from the Foundation’s Executive Board or management also usually participate. 
The applicant is responsible for the scientific program and management of the event; the Foundation is responsible for its organization. Following approval, a suitable date for the event is agreed between the applicant and the Foundation. The choice of date depends on the availability of the Foundation’s premises and particularly takes into account the applicant’s preferences. 

3. Application
To apply for a Ladenburg Roundtable format, independent research group leaders (professors, junior professors or “Habilitanden” [candidates for lecturing positions]) from all disciplines in leading positions at German universities or not-for-profit non-university research institutes may contact the Foundation at any time. Applicants may select up to 20 participants, who as a rule work at academic institutions, and act themselves as Scientific Managers at the conference. Before submitting an application, a discussion with the Foundation’s management is advisable in order to clarify whether a topic complies with the Foundation’s Statutes and is fundamentally suitable for the format of a Ladenburg Roundtable. 
In a second stage, the Foundation receives informal applications in German or English by e-mail (info@daimler-benz-stiftung.de). 

The following information is required:

  • Applicant (Scientific Manager of the Ladenburg Roundtable; name, function, institution, address, contact details)
  • Exposé (3 pages maximum) outlining the main research question and the thematic orientation of the roundtable
  • List of participants (if known at the time of application; the list need not be complete can be subsequently modified); participation by scientists from abroad is fundamentally possible and desirable, but must appear justified due to the high travel costs, especially for long-distance flights, and should be clarified with the Foundation in advance No submission deadlines require to be observed. Among the applications received, the Foundation promptly selects individual applications for funding, possibly with the participation of external reviewers.

4. Funding by the Foundation
Once a Ladenburg Roundtable is approved, the Foundation takes care of the organization of the event (invitations, hotel bookings, support and accommodation, catering, travel expenses etc.) and the participants’ travel and accommodation expenses, in close consultation with the Scientific Manager. Economy-class air tickets and second-class rail tickets are reimbursed; hotel rooms are booked directly by the Foundation. The Foundation does not remunerate participating scientists for their work. 
The events take place on the Foundation’s office premises in the historic Carl Benz House in Ladenburg. This building has a good infrastructure, with a conference room for up to 20 people and catering facilities on site. A virtual tour of the premises is available on the Foundation’s website (https://www.daimler-benz-stiftung.de/cms/de/stiftung/ladenburg.html). Proximity to the Mannheim and Heidelberg train stations and to Frankfurt Airport ensures a time-efficient journey. 

5. Contact
If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jörg Klein, Managing Director of the Foundation.

Dr. Jörg Klein
Dr.-Carl-Benz-Platz 2
68526 Ladenburg
Telefon: 06203-1092-0
Telefax: 06203-1092-5
infospam prevention@daimler-benz-stiftung.de