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Blog-Reihe „Werte und Digitalisierung“ geht an den Start

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem IZEW veröffentlicht der Sicherheitpolitik-Blog der Goethe-Universität derzeit Artikel in der Reihe „Congruence and Competition of Norms and Values in the Context of Global Digitalization“.

In den folgenden Wochen werden regelmäßig neue Beiträge zum Thema von Wissenschaftler*innen aus Deutschland und Europa veröffentlicht.

Schauen Sie doch mal rein: https://www.sicherheitspolitik-blog.de/


In the course of forming the global information society, the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has been realized in many parts of the world. Technology today pervades most areas of human life, and is considered a useful tool for international development and the empowerment of disadvantaged groups. However, when implementing technology, central values such as data security, privacy and fair access to the internet are often neglected and local culture, content, and values become marginalized. Especially the export of ICT to the Global South raises concern about cultural domination and even neo-colonialism. Moreover, technology is not neutral but has values embedded in it. This provokes ethical questions about global power relations, (gender) justice, inclusion, and the implications of the distribution and use of technology. The authors in this blog series will explore related issues and discuss the congruence and competition of norms and values in the context of global digitalization.