Selection Criteria

Applicants are expected to be among the best in their field and have impeccable academic credentials. Professors at the University of Tübingen are usually evaluated in the categories research, teaching and academic service: 


  • Quality and quantity of authored publications 
  • Research projects 
  • Acquired third-party funding 
  • Academic collaborations 
  • Supervision of theses 
  • Work as a referee, advisor to industry, government etc. 
  • Impact and outreach activities 
  • Prizes, patents etc.


  • Didactic aptitude 
  • Teaching experience 
  • Participation in examinations 
  • Prizes for teaching 
  • Participation in further academic training or advisory services

Academic Service (“akademische Selbstverwaltung”) 

  • Committee membership 
  • Responsibilities within a department 
  • Administration and leadership 

Specific evaluation criteria beyond the above listed may be stated in the individual job offer.