Scientific Coordinator

Marisa Köllner is responsible for the scientific aspects of operating the Center, including fellowship applications, organizing Center events and colloquia, and assisting students and visitors affiliated with the Center in scientific questions and concerns.

Marisa Köllner

Scientific Coordinator

 Rümelinstr. 23, room 605

Research Marisa Köllner

Marisa Köllners research focuses on the application and adaptation of computational models into the field of historical linguistics. The main research interest include language contact, the resulting language change, borrowing and their corresponding parallel in phylogentics and biology. Within the Center the research should be widend with respect to other fields and the combination of different factors to identify language contact and borrowings in the history of languages, societies and human evolution.

Administrativ Coordinator

Dr. Monika Doll is responsible responsible for the administrative tasks of Center, including organizing the Fellowsprogram and providing organizational and technical support for all Center members and affiliates.

Dr. Monika Doll

Administrative Coordinator

 Rümelinstr. 23, room 603a