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Ja, im 1. und höheren Fachsemestern

4 Semester

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Bewerbungsfrist für Deutsche, EU-Bürger/innen und Bildungsinländer/innen 
Wintersemester: 15.05

Bewerbungsfrist für Nicht-EU-Bürger/innen
Wintersemester: 15.05

Gilt für alle Bewerber/innen mit deutscher oder EU-Hochschulzugangsberechtigung.


Deutsch, Englisch

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Admission is subject to a competitive selection procedure that includes individual interviews with faculty members. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in a video conference.

Application deadline: May 15.
Interviews with shortlisted applicants are scheduled for mid-June.
Letters of admission will be sent out by late June - early July.
Our programs start at the beginning of October.

For more information check the webpage of our School.

We publish all news concerning the application process on our website so you can stay in the loop.

Admission to the M.Sc. in International Business requires a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies or Economics or a comparative degree with excellent grades. Applicants are expected to have solid intermediate level knowledge of Business Studies, Economics and Statistics. Having already studied Business or Economics with a focus on East Asia or Africa is a clear advantage.

For more information check the webpage of our School.

The program is free of tuition fees for all EU residents. The state of Baden-Württemberg has introduced fees for international non-EU students and second-degree students. For background information and for fee exemption options, please refer to this link.

Applicants must be fluent in German and have a good command of English.

Chinese, Japanese or Korean is a clear advantage.

For more information check the webpage of our School.

Details zum Studiengang

In today’s globalized economy, increasing numbers of companies compete on global markets, for which they require managers that possess international qualifications and intercultural competence in addition to business expertise. The M.Sc. International Business prepares business leaders of tomorrow for successfully doing business in some of the fastest growing economic areas of the world.

Students spend the first year of the program in Tübingen obtaining profound knowledge in fields of international business of their choice. In the second year of the program, they specialize in either East Asia or sub-Saharan Africa and spend one year at one or two of the most prestigious universities in these regions.

The M.Sc. in International Business is designed as a 4-semester program. Successful completion requires students to achieve a total of 120 ECTS credits (including the Master thesis with 18 ECTS credits).


  • Industrial Organization
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • HRM and Organization
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • International Accounting, Auditing and Corporate Governance
  • Econometrics
  • International Business Taxation
  • Managerial Accounting

For more information check the webpage of our School.

Double Degree Option

This program can be completed as a double degree with Rikkyo University (Japan). This program offers participants an extraordinary opportunity to participate in the International Business program and obtain two degrees at the same time. Please find more information on our website: M.Sc. International Business with Rikkyo


We are still extending our partnerships, but already have firm exchange agreements with some of the most prestigious universities in East Asia and Africa.
For more information check the webpage of our School.

With this program, the Tübingen School of Business and Economics offers a unique opportunity for highly motivated Bachelor graduates with a special interest in East Asia or Africa to experience an exciting study period in one of the two regions with a fascinating blend of academic and cultural learning.

Integrated International Degree

This Master program is designed as an integrated international degree which means that a stay abroad during the second year (two semesters) at one or two partner universities is a fixed part of the curriculum.

Double Degree Option

This Master program can also be completed as a double degree with Rikkyo University (Japan). This means that in the double degree option a stay abroad during the second year (two semesters) is a fixed part of the curriculum.


Freiwilliger Auslandsaufenthalt
In jedem Studiengang ist ein freiwilliger Auslandsaufenthalt möglich. Mit der Planung sollte ca. ein bis eineinhalb Jahre vor der Abreise begonnen werden. 
Weitere Informationen und Beratung zum Auslandsstudium finden Sie auf der fachübergreifenden Seite Wege ins Ausland. Zudem bieten einige Fächer auch eigene Informationen zu Auslandsaufenthalten an. 

The Module Handbook describes the goals and structure of a degree program. In the module handbook, you will find details of the type of modules offered and their respective workloads as well as te classes, requirements and assessment. An ideal course plan is set out in the module handbook to help you plan your studies. The module handbook and the exam regulations help you to understand the framework and conditions of your program, and enable you to choose the right modules/ classes.

Module Handbook

The exam regulations contain the legally binding regulations for a degree program. They set out, for instance, which modules must be taken and which assessment must be completed in order to successfully complete the degree program. The exam regulations also regulate how often exams may be repeated, which deadlines apply to assessment, and how the final grade is calculated. The exam regulations and the module handbook help you to understand the framework and conditions of your program, and enable you to choose the right modules/ classes.

Exam Regulations

Entscheidungshilfe bei der Studienwahl

Entscheidungshilfen für ein Erststudium

Die Universität bietet Hilfen zur Entscheidungsfindung an. Dazu gehören z.B. der Besuch von Lehrveranstaltungen, Orientierungsveranstaltungen zu Studienwahlthemen sowie verschiedene Beratungsangebote. Weitere Hinweise finden Sie auf den Seiten für Studieninteressierte.

Entscheidungshilfen für Masterstudiengänge

Bei der Studienwahlentscheidung für die Masterstudiengänge spielen Spezialisierung, Schwerpunktsetzung und forschungs- sowie berufsbezogene Kriterien eine Rolle. Für Interessierte an Masterstudiengängen gibt es eine Vielzahl an Orientierungshilfen wie z.B. den Besuch von Lehrveranstaltungen und spezielle Beratungs- sowie Informationsangebote (z.B. Zentrale Studienberatung, Studienfachberatung, Career Service). Nähere Informationen finden Sie unter Beratung und Information.

The diverse options for elective studies in Japan and Taiwan allowed me to set my own focuse within an excellent master program - a great stepping stone into an international career.

Barbara Völkl, B.Sc. UR Regensburg

Nach dem Studium

This Master’s degree program is the ideal preparation for graduates aspiring to an international career in the globalizing business world. With the ever growing importance of East Asia and Africa in the international economy, employers are in great need of high potential recruits with knowledge and expertise in conducting business in these areas. The M.Sc. in International Business offers a unique opportunity to fill this demand that is bound to rise further! Our graduates are in an exceptional position, due to their academic expertise, their international experience in these exciting regions of the world, and their profound intercultural competencies. As such, they are in an ideal starting position for a most promising career not only in the business world across sectors, industries and functions, but also at international or national governmental or non-governmental organizations.

Beratung und Praktika
Der Career Service der Universität berät bei der Berufsorientierung und beim Berufseinstieg. Praktika und Jobs finden Sie im Praxisportal.

Graduates will also find themselves well-positioned to pursue a Ph.D. subsequent to this M.Sc. program. Towards this end, students may study this M.Sc. program on a Ph.D. track, putting themselves on a fast track to a doctoral degree in International Business.

See also the school's graduate program.


Here you will find information about the Alumni Association Tübingen.

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