Help Desk for international Students

Virtual Help Desk

At the virtual Help Desk you can ask all your questions about studying at the University of Tübingen and living in Tübingen City.
Our team can also help you with other matters around student live in Tübingen by first-hand advise from local students.

Please see the contacs details here:


Help Desk presence

The help desk is located in the Alte Archäologie, Wilhelmstraße 9, 72074 Tübingen.
Close to the bus stops "Uni/Neue Aula", "Gmelinstrasse" or "Hölderlinstrasse".
You will find the Help Desk counter in room 19 at the first floor
(more precisely: small staircase up to front door and there straight up the small staircase: this is the first floor in this building).

Location: Alte Archäologie

Please do not forget your medical face mask!