Study Preparation Courses

Advisory Course
Introduction to student life in Tübingen

Workshop: Academic Writing
Brush up on your writing skills


TÜ-VIP MINIs is for (international) Master students who are coming to study in Tübingen and to those degree-seeking students who are not yet sure, which German university they should ultimately choose. TÜ-VIP MINIs is a 5-day online program in June which offers you various 60-minute insights (= "Minis") into and different perspectives on Tübingen and its' university. Each session focuses on one aspect of student life in Tübingen. You will find further information here.


TÜ-VIP START, from late September to early October, is for new Master students. This course is specifically designed so that you can begin your international degree program smoothly; refresh your academic English skills, learn about the culture and values of the university, and get to know our common institutions and platforms. You will find further information here.

German courses for degree students in an English language Masters Program
Early Bird and Evening Classes German

The unit German as a Foreign Language and Intercultural Programs would like to help you get acquainted with German and feel comfortable in German language conversations at the university and in everyday life.

On a beginners' level (A1.1 - A2+) they will offer Early Bird and Evening Classes in the summer semester 2024. These courses for beginners cover all aspects of German needed for basic communication routines and familiarize with the distinctive structures of the language.

Registration starting: Monday, March 25th through Saturday, April 2nd, 2024.

English courses for international Master's students

Free courses offered by the University Language Center (FSZ)

Intermediate English for Master's Students

Improve your interactive and academic communication skills
Focus on speaking and listening
Explore intercultural issues
Discuss academic topics
Use tenses with confidence
Email writing and note taking

Upper-Intermediate Academic English for Master's Students

Improve your academic skills to prepare for studies in English.
Develop your knowledge and skills in:

  • giving presentations and discussing academic topics
  • listening to academic lectures
  • researching and reading
  • essay writing
Further information (Courses start the week beginning April 29th, 2024)
Further offers for international students

At the University of Tübingen you will find a variety of courses that have been specially designed for international students, but also courses that are taught in English and German, so that international students who are still improving their german language skills can also participate.  

For your convinience we try to bundle the spreaded information for you. Please note: This overview will not cover all offers, especially subject specific courses are excluded. Ask your faculty course advisor for offers within your subject:

Overview Faculty Course Advisors