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Transdisciplinary Course Program and Career Service - TRACS

The Section Transdisciplinary Course Program and Career Service (TRACS) unites studies, practice and profession through the combination of the Transdisciplinary Course Program and the Career Service.

In the Transdisciplinary Course Program (TCP), Bachelor's and Master's students can acquire transdisciplinary competencies (key qualifications) by attending courses. Students can also focus on a specific topic and receive one of a total of 13 certificates. With our Service-Learning teaching/learning format, we also promote and support integrating civic engagement into academia.

In the area of Global Awareness Education, students are taught in-depth knowledge about globalization and cross-border processes in order to better understand global interdependencies and connections in everyday life.

Through the Career Service, all students have access to a wide range of counseling services on topics of career orientation, internship research and application procedures. On top of that, we help students to get in touch with potential employers through events such as the Career Day and Online-Talks.

Tina Stengele

Head of Section

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Ruven Wiljan

Deputy Head of Section

+49 7071 29-77091

Silke Zug

Secretary's Office

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