Spacialist – A Virtual Research Environment for the Spatial Humanities

Spacialist is a customizable Web-based platform for collecting, managing, analyzing and publishing research data with a focus on the integration of object-related and spatial data for the digital humanities.

Development of Spacialist is co-funded since May, 2016, by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg in the "E-Science" funding programme.

Spacialist is developed by an interdisplinary team consisting of computer scientists, geographers, ethnologists, archaeologists and librarians in collaboration with several pilot projects in areas like mediterranean archaeology and cultural herigtage preservation.

Spacialist is developed and released as free and open source software:

Project Partners

In addition, a growing number of research projects and cultural heritage initiatives are being involved as end-user partners in the development of the Spacialist platform.