Digital Humanities Center

Research data management

Research data includes all digital information collected, generated or used as evidence within the research process during scientific activities. All relevant funders, such as the DFG, the BMBF or the EU, demand convincing and tailored concepts for handling research data in project applications. This also includes strategies for publishing and long-term archiving of research data to ensure their citability and re-usability. There is often a lack of expertise to develop and describe suitable concepts and to implement them in projects. We support the humanities and social sciences in Tübingen in particular in all these areas of research data management.

Consulting and support services

Our consulting and support services for research data management focus particularly on the following aspects:


We develop concepts and text modules for handling research data in your project proposal.


We support you in implementing research data management in your project.

Publication and archiving

We publish and long-term archive your research data according to the requirements of third-party funders.