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May 2021: CAMPOS researchers are participating in the joint project "Swabian Moses" on meteorological and hydrological extermes.

Karlsruhe Institite for Technology --> link

19 February 2021: 70 m deep drilling allows for investigation of microbial induced nitrate removal in the Muschelkalk aquifer

Press release by the Schwäbisches Tagblatt: see pdf

07 September 2020: Research drilling to unravel microbial nitrate degradation in a fractured rock groundwater system

Research drilling conducted by the CRC 1253 CAMPOS at the University of Tübingen. The main goal was to retrieve microbial cells capable of nitrate degradation in carbonate rocks of a 70 meters deep borehole into the Upper Muschelkalk near Baisingen, Germany.

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03 July 2020: Aseptic Muschelkalk drilling at the "Baisingen Research Site" finished

During the aseptic drilling at the Baisingen research site native rock samples from the water saturated zone were obtained. The monitoring well was constructed without well casing. This allows for detailed investigations of microbial induced processes at the water rock interface (P5 project). Monitoring of the groundwater heads at the site allow for more precise calibration of the catchement scale groundwater model (P7 and S2 projects).

06 May 2020: The CAMPOS Team moved into the new "Geo- and Environmental Center (GUZ)"

Geo- und Umweltzentrum, University of Tübingen, Schnarrenbergstraße 94-96, 72076 Tübingen.

22 April 2020: Virtual CAMPOS Poster Session launched

CAMPOS posters to be presented at the International Conference can be accessed --> here.

01 - 09 April 2020: Four new groundwater wells drilled at the CAMPOS P3 hillslope site...

....between Unterjesingen and Wurmlingen. Measurements of groundwater levels will allow for localization of the groundwater devide between the Ammer and Neckar Valley under variable boundary conditions.

23-25 March: CAMPOS International Conference

Due to Corona crisis the conference had to be cancelled (--> original conference program). A virtuel poster session will be launched in near future (--> list of posters).

12 March 2020: 2nd CAMPOS Stakeholder Meeting

.... with local farmers. University of Tübingen, Center for Applied Geoscience, Hölderlinstraße 12, Lecture Hall, 17:30 h (Meeting was postponed!)

13 February 2020: Workshop "Biofilms"

Joint CAMPOS - Platform 3 workshop, 10:00 Uhr - 13:00 h, Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Auf der Morgenstelle 18, D-72076 Tübingen: Raum 3O18 (PC-Bibliothek; 3. Stock)

07 February 2020: CAMPOS workshop for young investigators

"Building and leading a research group - from selecting and supervising group members to conflict solving, time management and work-life balance". Organized by Prof. Andreas Kappler, Applied Geosciences, University of Tübingen. The workshop takes place 10-15 h, Keplerstraße 17.

03 - 06 February 2020: Event sampling campaign at the Bronnbachquelle

A series of event-related high turbidity large volume samples (up to 200 l) were taken during a pronounced discharge event at the Bronnbachquelle. Investigation of water samples and filtered particles will give insight into groundwater residence times and water & particle origin.    

24 January 2020: Joint CAMPOS Mini-Symposium on "Shikimate Pathway Inhibitors Glyphosate & 7-deoxy-sedoheptulose: Effects and Environmental Fate"

with contributions from: Prof. Stephanie Grond & Dr. Klaus Brilisauer, Institute for Organic Chemistry, Prof. Karl Forchhammer, Interfaculty Institute of Microbiology and Infection Medicine, Prof. Carolin Huhn, Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Prof. Stefan Haderlein, Applied Geosciences. Institute of Geosciences, Hölderlinstr. 12, Lecture Hall, 14-17 h.