Neuroscience Student Lab

Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research

The student lab is well-established as an after-school learning facility in southern Germany. Since 2008 well over 30,000 school pupils have gained their first insights into the mystery of the brain here.

The lab has given them the chance to become scientists for a day or even a week. And to ensure that their teachers aren’t left behind, they are also offered opportunities to learn more about neuroscience. The student lab team puts on a wide range of activities to give young people a taste of scientific work.

This approach has brought the student lab success for ten years now – so we want to continue with it. You can help us by donating to our association to support our work. The student lab team appreciates any support, as well as your interest and visits!

Several pupils are standing in a seminar room, the girl in the foreground is looking at a black and white drawing.
About us
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Training programs for teachers
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