Information for Partners

What is Service-Learning?
In many areas university teaching can be combined with civil society issues and challenges. Subjects like these are addressed in Service-Learning projects. They involve cooperation between higher education teachers, students and you – the organization working to meet social needs. The important aspect is that the civic engagement (Service) is combined with a subject-related or transdisciplinary learning objective (Learning). Purely voluntary work is not Service-Learning.

International Service Learning
As part of the EU- and DAAD-funded CIVIS project, we can now also offer international components in support of Service-Learning courses. The five major challenges of the program are (1) Health, (2) Cities, Territories and Mobilities, (3) Digital and Technological Transformation, (4) Climate, Environment and Energy, (5) Society, Culture, Heritage. Do you want to present your issues in a European context? Do you value critical discussions with people from all specializations? Please join us!

What we offer
Do you as a non-profit organization have an idea, a need for tangible action or research, or even a practical proposal for a Service-Learning project? Please register with us! We are happy to advise you on whether it can be realized, and will help you make contact with suitable teachers or the right departments. As an organization you will gain additional support. In addition, you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the universities, including eight other European universities that are part of the CIVIS project, and the students’ expertise. And from their civic engagement, the students in turn gain important insights into your work in practice. Moreover, you can present your organization as a potential employer and make contact with interested students – a win-win situation for everyone involved!
The spark for a Service-Learning project can arise from either side –non-university organizations may present a practical issue to the university, or university representatives may identify a socially relevant matter that can be developed into a project, the results of which can benefit an actual organization or be made generally available to civil society. Please reach out to us via e-mail or phone, if you want to present and discuss your idea. Furthermore, you can reach us by filling out our Contact Form.

The essentials in brief

Type of non-university partners

Because of the goals of the concept, the sub-section Service-Learning and Civic Engagement primarily cooperates with civil society, non-profit organizations. Please ask us if you are unsure whether you fit this category.
On the partners’ side, a certain amount of capacity for coordination and supervision is also important, in order to coordinate the results of the project with the students and where necessary provide them with suitable internal guidance.

Previous partners

Among others, we have worked with the following non-university partners:

  • Botanischer Garten
  • Colibri e. V.
  • FAIRstrickt
  • Institut français Tübingen
  • Ohne Rüstung Leben
  • Refugee Law Clinic "Human Rights Law in Practice"

I've got an idea for a Service-Learning project and I'd like to set up a cooperation

We love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Please reach out to us via e-mail, phone or fill out our Contact Form.