CIVIS - Europe's Civic University Alliance

CIVIS logo: Outline of Europe with dots marking participating universities, text "CIVIS, Europe's Civic University Alliance"

The University of Tübingen has joined with ten other European institutions of higher education in the CIVIS – A European Civic University alliance. Together, the partners want to promote student exchange, develop joint teaching offers, open up opportunities for research and advance cooperation formats with actors in European civil society. In addition, they work closely with strategic partners in Africa. The alliance's aim is to address the major social challenges of the 21st century, to conduct the relevant research and to act responsibly and sustainably with an eye to the future.

Projects and funding

In order to achieve the objectives of the alliance, the CIVIS universities apply for joint projects. In particular, CIVIS universities receive additional funding under the European Commission's European Universities Initiative in the Erasmus+ program. These university-wide projects focus on the development of CIVIS as an alliance and the establishment of joint as well as local structures and processes. Among other things, these structures should facilitate the acquisition and realisation of specfic collaborative research and teaching projects. Contact: Anna Thorwart

Further information about the existing support for teaching staff and researchers