CIVIS - A European Civic University

The University of Tübingen has joined with seven other European institutions of higher education in the CIVIS – A European Civic University alliance. The partners aim to work together to boost international student exchanges, European civil society and cooperation with Africa and the Middle East.

The aims of the participating universities are to play a greater role in society, to carry out relevant research, and to work responsibly and sustainably with an eye to the future. The thematic focus of the group is on the areas of health, cities, spaces and transportation, climate, environment and energy, digital and technological change, society and cultures and cultural heritages.

The work by CIVIS is not only intended to support European solidarity. The groups is also concerned with cooperation with the Maghreb countries, the Middle East, and African countries south of the Sahara.

„As a civic European University alliance, one of our priorities will be to tackle major societal challenges of the 21st century.“

from the CIVIS Mission Statement