Attacks on researchers

The Faculties’ liaison officers are first and foremost there to address questions regarding good academic practice and issues of suspected academic misconduct.

Beyond that, cases may arise which are not necessarily covered by the University’s rules of procedure for dealing with misconduct in academia or by any other established procedures at the University. This includes possible attacks on academics, for example due to public statements or because of research and/or methods regarded as undesirable.

In such cases, University of Tübingen academics may contact their Faculty’s liaison officer. This is intended as a low-threshold, first stop within the affected academic’s respective field. In the case of serious attacks that may constitute a criminal offence (threat, insult, physical violence), the person concerned should also contact the police and inform the University President’s Office.

In addition, there is a committee for Conflict Mediation at the University of Tübingen, which can be called upon primarily in the event of conflicts between employees or between employees and students of the University. The members of the committee provide advisory support to prevent conflicts or to defuse existing conflicts. Further information and contact details can be found on the website Conflict Mediation at the University of Tübingen.