Center for Light-Matter Interaction, Sensors & Analytics (LISA+)

Center LISA+

The research and service facility LISA+ is one of the five Core Facilities within the infrastructure of the University of Tübingen. LISA+was founded in 2011 and originates from the intensive cooperation of several research groups for physics, chemistry, geosciences, biology and medical materials science, who are sharing the existing multi disciplinary Nanostructure and Analysis Laboratory.

The facility is centered around the Nanostructure Laboratory, which provides a large variety of techniques and methods, including both, standard methods for sample fabrication & characterization, as well as advanced unique research tools.

The concept of LISA+ is to coordinate the human resources, technical facilities and research topics for:

  1. efficient and professional use of present resources,
  2. coherent planning of sustainable development,
  3. expert training and advice,
  4. optimizing knowledge transfer between users within LISA+ and external partners, incuding industry.