Center for Light-Matter Interaction, Sensors & Analytics (LISA+)


Usage by members of the University of Tübingen

The infrastructure of the Core Facility LISA+ can be used by any member of the University of Tübingen, independent of a membership of the Research Group Leader (PI) in LISA+. Prerequisite is a registration via the registration form.

Link to registration form

After registration, users are asked to contact Instrument Scientists for safety training and instruction on the equipment. From this point on, the monthly usage fee will be charged and invoiced to the PI when the user cancels registration or once a year - plus any consumables used and/or incurred instrument usage fees.

Guests of the research groups may enter the clean room and the laboratories only after a safety instruction by a qualified employee and in his company. The safety instructions must be documented and signed. The corresponding data sheet can be downloaded here (link to safety instructions form) and must be submitted to the Instrument Scientists after signing.


Usage rates for the equipment center of the Core Facility LISA+


LISA+ members

University of Tübingen

Monthly usage fee

25 €/month1

40 €/month1

Helium-Ionen-Microscope (HIM)

Orion NanoFab (Zeiss)

60 €/h²

80 €/h²

FIB Dual Beam Microscope

Strata DB235 (FEI)

60 €/h

80 €/h

Elektronenmicroscope (SEM)

JSM 6500 F (Jeol)

30 €/h

40 €/h

Supervision and operator

- 3

60 €/h

1 At least 3 months will be charged.

2 Additional fees apply for Neon or GIS operation.

3 included in monthly usage fee.

The price list applies to application operation by qualified users. In addition, the operator rate is charged for instruction in the instrument. For service operation, the operator hourly rate is additionally charged. Costs for special consumables may be charged separately.

Prices for commercial or industry-financed use are available on request.


LISA+ Membership

Research Group Leaders (PI) of the University of Tübingen, whose research area falls within the scope of the Core Facility, can apply for LISA+ membership. If you are interested, please contact the LISA+ Board of Directors by e-mail: direktoriumspam 

The annual membership fee is 1,000 € per PI, or 500 € for junior PIs.

Membership of the PI in LISA+ is not required for the registration of employees. For employees of LISA+ members, however, reduced flat rates apply for the use of the equipment center of the Core Facility LISA+. The LISA+ members form the PI Assembly, which meets regularly for strategic discussions on the Core Facility.


Use by external facilities / industry

Please contact the Instrument Scientists by e-mail or phone with a description of your concern/project.

Link to contact